Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     7-6-2342. Procedure to make expenditures and incur liabilities in case of other emergencies. (1) In a public emergency other than those described in 7-6-2341 and which could not reasonably have been foreseen at the time of making the budget, the board of county commissioners, by unanimous vote of the members present at any meeting (the time and place of which all the commissioners shall have had reasonable notice), shall adopt and enter upon their minutes a resolution stating the facts constituting the emergency and the estimated amount of money required to meet the emergency.
     (2) The board shall publish the resolution, together with a notice as provided in 7-1-2121 that a public hearing will be held on the resolution.
     (3) Any taxpayer or resident of the county may appear at the hearing and be heard for or against the expenditure of money for the alleged emergency.
     (4) (a) Upon the conclusion of the hearing, if the commissioners approve the emergency expenditure, they shall make and enter upon their official minutes, by unanimous vote of all of the members of the board present at the meeting, an order setting forth the facts constituting the emergency, together with the amount of expenditure authorized therefor by them. Subject to the limitations of subsection (4)(b), the order is lawful authorization for them to expend such amount, but no more, for such purpose.
     (b) No expenditure may be made or liability incurred pursuant to the order until 5 days, exclusive of the day of entry of the order, elapse.

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