Montana Code Annotated 1995

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     72-3-404. Powers and duties of personal representative. (1) A supervised personal representative is responsible to the court, as well as to the interested parties, and is subject to directions concerning the estate made by the court on its own motion or on the motion of any interested party.
     (2) Except as otherwise provided in this part or as otherwise ordered by the court, a supervised personal representative has the same duties and powers as a personal representative who is not supervised.
     (3) Unless restricted by the court, a supervised personal representative has, without interim orders approving exercise of a power, all powers of personal representatives under this code, but he shall not exercise his power to make any distribution of the estate without prior order of the court. Any other restriction on the power of a personal representative which may be ordered by the court must be endorsed on his letters of appointment and unless so endorsed is ineffective as to persons dealing in good faith with the personal representative.

     History: En. 91A-3-501, 91A-3-504 by Sec. 1, Ch. 365, L. 1974; R.C.M. 1947, 91A-3-501(part), 91A-3-504.

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