Montana Code Annotated 1995

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Part 1. Duties of Trustees

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72-34-101. Duty to administer trust.
72-34-102. Duties of trustee of revocable trust.
72-34-103. Duty of loyalty.
72-34-104. Duty to deal impartially with beneficiaries.
72-34-105. Duty to avoid conflict of interest.
72-34-106. Duty not to undertake adverse trust.
72-34-107. Duty to take control of and preserve trust property.
72-34-108. Duty to make trust property productive.
72-34-109. Duty to dispose of improper investments.
72-34-110. Duty to keep trust property separate and identified.
72-34-111. Duty to enforce claims.
72-34-112. Duty to defend actions.
72-34-113. Duty not to delegate.
72-34-114. Duty to use ordinary skill and prudence.
72-34-115. Duty to use special skills.
72-34-116. Duty with respect to cotrustees.
72-34-117. Certain actions not violations of duties.
72-34-118. Standard of care not affected by compensation.
72-34-119. and 72-34-120 reserved.
72-34-121. Interpretation of trust terms concerning legal investments.
72-34-122. and 72-34-123 reserved.
72-34-124. Trustee's general duty to report information to beneficiaries.
72-34-125. Duty to report information about trust on request.
72-34-126. Duty to provide annual statement to income beneficiaries.
72-34-127. Exceptions to duty to report information and to provide annual statement.
72-34-128. Permissive accounts.
72-34-129. Discretionary powers to be exercised reasonably.
72-34-130. Standard for exercise of "absolute", "sole", or "uncontrolled" powers.