Montana Code Annotated 1995

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Part 42. Special Improvement Districts Continued

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7-12-4201. Use of bonds and warrants.
7-12-4202. Repealed.
7-12-4203. Details relating to special improvement district bonds and warrants -- definitions of bond forms.
7-12-4204. Procedure to issue bonds and warrants.
7-12-4205. Disposition of bond or warrant proceeds.
7-12-4206. Redemption of bonds and warrants.
7-12-4207. Investment of interest and sinking fund money.
7-12-4208. through 7-12-4220 reserved.
7-12-4221. Creation of special improvement district revolving fund.
7-12-4222. Sources of money for revolving fund.
7-12-4223. Loans from revolving fund to meet payments on bonds and warrants.
7-12-4224. Lien arising due to loan from revolving fund.
7-12-4225. Covenants to use revolving fund -- duration of revolving fund obligation -- factors to be considered.
7-12-4226. Investment of surplus reserves.
7-12-4227. Utilization of excess money in revolving fund.
7-12-4228. Disposition of tax certificates and tax-sale property.
7-12-4229. Disposal of funds deposited in revolving fund.
7-12-4230. through 7-12-4240 reserved.
7-12-4241. Creation of supplemental revolving fund from parking meter revenue.
7-12-4242. Application of provisions relating to supplemental revolving fund.
7-12-4243. Procedure to create and maintain supplemental revolving fund.
7-12-4244. Issuance of bonds based upon supplemental revolving fund -- election.
7-12-4245. Resolution for issuance of bonds.
7-12-4246. Determination of cost of improvements.
7-12-4247. Details relating to bonds.
7-12-4248. Operation and use of supplemental revolving fund.
7-12-4249. Meaning of term deficiency.
7-12-4250. Obligations of municipalities to bondholders.
7-12-4251. Enforcement of bondholders' rights.
7-12-4252. Judicial determination of validity of proceedings -- petition.
7-12-4253. Nature of court proceedings.
7-12-4254. Hearing on petition -- notice.
7-12-4255. Contents of notice of hearing -- protest.
7-12-4256. Decision of district court.
7-12-4257. Appeal from district court to supreme court.
7-12-4258. Cost of court proceedings.