Montana Code Annotated 1995

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Part 27. Abandonment and Consolidation of Counties

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7-2-2701. Abandonment and consolidation of counties.
7-2-2702. Petition for abandonment of county.
7-2-2703. Processing of petition -- certification to county commissioners.
7-2-2704. Hearing on petition by county commissioners -- notice.
7-2-2705. Petition to amend proposed consolidation.
7-2-2706. Processing of petition to amend proposed consolidation -- certification to county commissioners.
7-2-2707. Action on petitions -- resolution.
7-2-2708. Form of resolution.
7-2-2709. Election on question of abandonment and consolidation.
7-2-2710. Procedure to hold election.
7-2-2711. Form of ballot.
7-2-2712. Canvass of returns -- proclamation of results.
7-2-2713. Effect of election results.
7-2-2714. through 7-2-2720 reserved.
7-2-2721. Disposition of townships.
7-2-2722. Disposition of property.
7-2-2723. Vesting of property and legal rights.
7-2-2724. Disposition of records and other papers.
7-2-2725. Status of continuing contracts.
7-2-2726. Status of printing contracts.
7-2-2727. Effect of abandonment on school and special districts.
7-2-2728. Effect of abandonment on county high schools.
7-2-2729. Tax liability of property within abandoned county for debts of continuing county.
7-2-2730. Establishment of special warrant district or special funding bond district in continuing county.
7-2-2731. through 7-2-2740 reserved.
7-2-2741. Processing of claims against abandoned county.
7-2-2742. Transfer and use of funds of abandoned county.
7-2-2743. Collection of taxes and other money.
7-2-2744. Transfer of money when claims against fund satisfied.
7-2-2745. Procedure if insufficient funds -- special warrant district or special funding bond district.
7-2-2746. Details relating to special warrant district.
7-2-2747. Details relating to special funding bond district.
7-2-2748. Special funding bond district bonds.
7-2-2749. Payment of outstanding bonds of abandoned county.
7-2-2750. Procedure to collect and transmit taxes when several counties involved.
7-2-2751. Disposition of money of abandoned district.
7-2-2752. Liability for and payment of indebtedness of abandoned county.
7-2-2753. Repealed.
7-2-2754. Ownership and management of property acquired by continuing county.
7-2-2755. Lease of acquired real property.
7-2-2756. Sale of acquired real property.
7-2-2757. Sale of acquired personal property.
7-2-2758. Compensation for appraisers.
7-2-2759. Distribution of money derived from acquired property.