Montana Code Annotated 1995

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Part 44. Municipal Taxation

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7-6-4401. General taxing power of municipalities.
7-6-4402. Tax-related duties of city treasurer.
7-6-4403. Tax-related duties of city clerk.
7-6-4404. Tax-related duties of town clerk.
7-6-4405. Limitation on tax levy for general municipal or administrative purposes.
7-6-4406. Authority to levy special taxes and assessments.
7-6-4407. Resolution to fix annual tax levy.
7-6-4408. Distribution of tax money.
7-6-4409. Determination of assessments.
7-6-4410. Property tax record to be furnished to certain municipalities.
7-6-4411. Equalization of assessments.
7-6-4412. Preparation of municipal property tax record.
7-6-4413. Collection of taxes.
7-6-4414. Sales for delinquent taxes when county collects municipal tax.
7-6-4415. through 7-6-4420 reserved.
7-6-4421. Authorization for tax levy and collection by municipality.
7-6-4422. Authorization for collection of delinquent taxes by municipalities.
7-6-4423. Sales for delinquent taxes when municipality collects municipal tax.
7-6-4424. through 7-6-4430 reserved.
7-6-4431. Authorization to exceed maximum mill levy -- election required.
7-6-4432. Purpose of additional mill levy to be stated.
7-6-4433. Repealed.
7-6-4434. Notice of election on question of additional mill levy.
7-6-4435. Repealed.
7-6-4436. Conduct of election.
7-6-4437. Use of proceeds from additional mill levy.
7-6-4438. Tax levy and expenditures for municipal and administrative purposes when limits on municipal indebtedness exceeded.
7-6-4439. Emergency provisions not affected.
7-6-4440. through 7-6-4450 reserved.
7-6-4451. All-purpose mill levy authorized.
7-6-4452. Maximum all-purpose mill levy.
7-6-4453. Certain special mill levies also available.
7-6-4454. Certification of all-purpose levy to county officers.
7-6-4455. Changes from all-purpose levy method.
7-6-4456. through 7-6-4460 reserved.
7-6-4461. Resort tax -- definitions.
7-6-4462. Resort community taxing authority -- specific delegation.
7-6-4463. Limit on resort tax rate -- goods and services subject to tax.
7-6-4464. Resort tax -- election required -- procedure -- notice.
7-6-4465. Resort tax administration.
7-6-4466. Use of resort community tax revenues -- bond issue -- pledge.
7-6-4467. Resort community tax -- property tax relief.
7-6-4468. Establishment of a resort area -- taxing authority -- approval by electorate.
7-6-4469. Use of resort area tax.