House Bill No. 9

Introduced By bergsagel

By Request of the Montana Arts Council and the Office of Budget and Program Planning

A Bill for an Act entitled: "An Act establishing priorities for cultural and aesthetic project grant awards; and appropriating money for cultural and aesthetic grants."

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Montana:

NEW SECTION. Section 1.  Appropriation of cultural and aesthetic grant funds -- priority of disbursement. (1) The Montana arts council shall award grants for projects authorized by and limited to the amounts appropriated by this section. Money must be disbursed in priority order, first to projects covered under subsection (2), second to the project listed in subsection (3), third to the projects listed in subsection (5), and fourth to the project listed in subsection (4). The Montana arts council shall disburse money to projects authorized by this section through grant contracts between the Montana arts council and the grant recipient. The award contract must bind the parties to contingencies, if any, listed with the appropriation in subsection (5).

(2) If the money in the cultural and aesthetic projects account is insufficient in the biennium ending June 30, 1997, to fund projects in the amount for which they are approved, the approved amount for the projects is reappropriated from the account until money has been disbursed to fully cover appropriations or until October 1, 1998, whichever comes first.

(3) There is appropriated to the Montana historical society $15,000 for the biennium ending July 1, 1999, for care and conservation of capitol complex artwork. This appropriation is recommended to be repeated for two successive bienniums and to be reviewed in fiscal year 2001 to determine if it should continue.

(4) There is appropriated to the Montana historical society $95,000 for the biennium ending July 1, 1999, for capitol stained glass restoration.

(5) The following projects are approved and amounts appropriated to the Montana arts council for the biennium ending June 30, 1999, from the cultural and aesthetic projects account:

(a) Special Projects - $4,500 or Less:

Yellowstone Ballet Company - Romeo and Juliet and Western Women Ballet Production $4,436

MT Preservation Alliance - Statewide Technical Assistance Program 4,329

Granite County Museum and Cultural Center - Staff Salaries and Historic Preservation 4,500

SunCreek Films - SunCreek Film Festival Series 2,886

Northern Showcase - Northern Showcase Performing Arts Series 4,500

MT Five Rivers Film Festival - Montana Five Rivers Film Festival 2,886

Northern Heights Tenants Assoc. - Artist Residency 4,329

MT Storytelling Conference - Storytelling Conference 4,329

Council for the Arts, Inc., Lincoln - Performing Arts Series Artist Fee Support 2,600

The Country Grain Elevator Historical Society - Newsletter

to Promote Conservation of Grain Elevators 2,165

MT Chamber Music Festival - Montana Chamber Music Festival Outreach 0

MT State Theater Association - Operating Support 0

(b) Special Projects:

MT Committee for Humanities - Speakers' Bureau Program Support $40,800

Liberty Village Arts Center and Gallery - Phillip Aaberg Artist in Residency 18,000

MT Historical Society Press - MT Mainstreets-Guidebooks to Historic MT Communities 25,000

Carbon County Historical Society - Peaks to Plains Initiative 23,089

The Montana Repertory Theatre - Arts Education Coordinator/Program Development 28,861

Western Heritage Center - Explore the Yellowstone Exhibit and Education Activities 28,573

Yellowstone Art Center - Opening the Museum: The Montana Collection 28,861

Virginia City Preservation Alliance - Curriculum Guide Development and School Services 5,400

MT Performing Arts Consortium - Expansion of Rural Regrant Program 43,292

MT Arts Foundation - Operational Support and Rural Community Regrant 40,406

Alberta Bair Theater - Operating Support 14,431

Missoula Children's Theatre - Rural Montana Tour Project 28,861

Native Voices - Artistic/Technical Media Training for Native Americans 25,975

H. Earl Clack Museum - Museum Learning Center and Expansion of Exhibit 14,431

Little Rockies Arts Association - Executive Director Salary Support 8,800

Butte Symphony Orchestra - SW MT Youth Orch./Butte Sym. Orch./Mgr. to Half Time 5,772

Hockaday Center for the Arts - Hockaday Center for the Arts Education Program 20,000

Great Falls Symphony - Ensemble Outreach 12,266

Livingston Depot Foundation - Museum Promotion Thru Tours and Educational Outreach 14,431

Young Audiences of Western Montana - Tour Support 11,354

Billings Preservation Society, Inc. - Education Director Position Support 8,658

Glacier Orchestra and Chorale - Glacier Orchestra and Chorale Artistic Support Project 18,038

Missoula Community Access TV - The Montana Media Arts in Education Project 14,431

Missoula Symphony Association - Missoula Symphony Orchestra Educational Outreach 5,050

MT Hist. Soc./Library and Archives - Process and Preserve Historical State Medical Records 17,317

Contingency: The privacy of persons in records must be maintained.

Southwest MT Arts Council - Salary Support and Marketing Support 7,215

UM/Broadcast Media Center - U of M Broadcast Media Center Cultural Productions 23,089

Bozeman Symphony Orchestra - BSO Outreach Recording Project 4,329

Center for Native American Studies - Native American Awareness Week 1998 4,500

MT Indian Contemporary Arts - NPN Artist Residencies and Annual Symposium 8,658

Very Special Arts Montana - Governor's Art Show - Touring Exhibit 11,544

Grandstreet Theatre - Theatre School Director Salary Support 7,215

MSU-Billings Inter-Tribal Indian Club - 1998 and 1999 MSU Annual Inter-Tribal PowWows 7,215

Helena Symphony Society - Cascade String Quartet Residency 6,950

The Helena Art Center - Rural Outreach 4,329

MT Ass'n. of Symphony Orchestras - MASO:

Building Momentum - Rural Outreach and Service 21,646

Holter Museum of Art - Old Paint New: The Image of the Horse in Contemporary Art 23,089

VIAs, Inc. - Discovering Lewis and Clark: World Wide Web Site 14,431

MSU-Billings - Montana Moments: A Radio Series 5,600

MT Chorale - Operating Support 7,215

Missoula Writing Collaborative - Writers-in-the-Schools 4,329

MT Alliance for Arts Education - Arts Education Awareness and Advocacy Project 11,544

MSU Libraries - Farm, Ranch and MT Pioneer Women Collections Conservation 4,502

Contingency: Grant funds may not be used for salaries.

The Montana Transport Company - 1998-1999 Rural Montana Tours 10,000

Wolf Point Productions - Against the Grain: Dramatic Feature Film 10,101

Bozeman Hist. Pres. Advisory Comm. - The Bozeman Area Historic Walking Tours/Talking House 5,051

Deaconess-Billings Clinic - The Healing Environment 0

Picture Tomorrow - Working the Woods, A Photographic Survey 0

Maggie Wagner - Big Timber Bygones: A Community Memory Album 0

Going-to-the-Sun Institute - Plains Indian Educational Game Development 0

Haynes Fine Art Gallery - MSU Traveling Faculty Exhibition 0

(c) Operational Support:

The Writer's Voice - YMCA - Operational Support $18,000

MT Shakespeare in the Parks - Operational Support 26,000

MT Art Gallery Directors Association - Operational Support 31,747

Billings Symphony Society - Operational Support 18,038

Vigilante Players, Inc. - Operational Support 25,000

Archie Bray Fndn. for Ceramic Arts - Operational Support 21,646

Helena Presents - Operational Support 30,000

Hellgate Writers, Inc. - Operational Support 12,988

Custer County Art Center - Operational Support 18,000

International Wildlife Film Festival - Operational Support 8,658

MT Dance Arts Association - Operational Support 6,000

Copper Village Museum and Arts Center - Operational Support 14,431

Growth Thru Art, Inc. - Operational Support 7,215

(d) Capital Expenditure:

Museum of the Rockies - Rockies Rise Again-Permanent Exhibition Construction $28,861

Fort Peck Fine Arts Council, Inc. - Ft. Peck Theatre Electrical Improvements and Toilet Rooms 43,292

Whitefish Theatre Co. - Whitefish Cultural Arts Center 28,861

Fort Connah Restoration Society - Fund Raising for Acreage to Secure Legal Access 14,000

Contingency: Clarification is requested as to how much land is being purchased and what entity holds ownership.

Arlee Historical Society, Inc. - Septic, Drainfield, and Roof Installation 4,358

Rialto Community Theatre, Inc. - Rialto Community Theatre Stage Area Electrical Upgrade 5,400

Gallatin County Historical Society - Attached Building Conversion to Museum Use 4,000

MT Agricultural Center and Museum - Roof Replacement MT Agricultural Center and Museum 10,000

Contingency: A 3-to-1 match must be expended or encumbered during the grant period.

Sanders Community Hall, Inc. - Water System for Sanders Community Hall, Inc. 5,772

Upper Blackfoot Valley Hist. Society - Restoration of Two Historic Miner Cabins at Museum 8,000

Old Towne Development Corp. - St. Ignatius Outdoor Performing Arts Center 5,772

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art - Capital Expenditure Historic Window Replacement 32,469

C.M. Russell Museum - Restoration of C.M. Russell Residence 18,038

(e) Challenge Grant:

Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art - Endowment Challenge for Paris Gibson Square $7,215

Billings Pres. Soc. Endowment Trust - Building a Permanent Endowment for the BPS, Inc. 7,215

Glacier Orchestra and Chorale - Glacier Orchestra

and Chorale Permanent Endowment Challenge Grant 7,215

Great Falls Symphony - Endowment Challenge 7,215

(6) An amount not to exceed $11,000 is appropriated from money that may revert from appropriations made in subsection (5) to the Montana arts council for project evaluations. The evaluations must be done after July 1, 1998, and results must be included in a report on the projects funded by subsections (1) through (5) to be submitted to the 56th legislature.

NEW SECTION. Section 2.  Reversion of granted money. (1) On October 1, 1998, money reappropriated in [section 1(2)] but not disbursed reverts to the cultural and aesthetic projects account provided for in 15-35-108.

(2) On July 1, 1999, the unencumbered balance of the 1999 biennium grants reverts to the cultural and aesthetic project account provided for in 15-35-108.

NEW SECTION. Section 3.  Reduction of grants. If money in the cultural and aesthetic project account is insufficient to fund projects at the appropriation levels contained in [section 1], the Montana arts council shall allocate the available money on a pro rata basis to the authorized projects.