House Bill No. 84

Introduced By kitzenberg

A Bill for an Act entitled: "An Act appropriating $45,000 from the accommodation tax special revenue fund for establishment of the Fort Peck-Northeastern Montana Interpretive Center."

WHEREAS, northeastern Montana is rich in significant paleontological, prehistoric, archaeological, historic, and natural treasures; and

WHEREAS, northeastern Montana is home to the Assiniboine, Sioux, and Gros Ventre Tribes; and

WHEREAS, the Homestead Era and the construction of Fort Peck Dam were momentous events in the history of northeastern Montana; and

WHEREAS, a wealth of dinosaur remains and prehistoric and historic artifacts are not available for public display because no appropriate space exists for their exhibition; and

WHEREAS, an interpretive center encompassing northeastern Montana's paleontology, prehistory, and Indian heritage; the Homestead Era; and Fort Peck Dam would allow proper display of artifacts, provide a valuable educational tool, and encourage tourists to visit the area, thereby fostering the local economy.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Montana:

NEW SECTION. Section 1.  Establishment of Fort Peck-northeastern Montana interpretive center -- funding. There is appropriated $45,000 from the state special revenue fund created in 15-65-121 to the department of commerce to be used as a grant for the establishment of the Fort Peck-northeastern Montana interpretive center.