House Bill No. 168

Introduced By r. johnson

By Request of the Department of Public Health and Human Services

A Bill for an Act entitled: An Act generally revising child support laws; clarifying that hearings by the department may be by teleconferencing methods; allowing service of certain notices by certified mail; revising administrative paternity processes; clarifying judicial review of a child support order; changing the definition of "support order" as it pertains to withholding; revising the definition of mistake of fact for income withholding hearing purposes; changing health insurance provisions relating to support; revising paternity presumptions; providing for priority of support of a decedent's children in probate of a decedent's estate; amending sections 17-4-105, 40-5-189, 40-5-201, 40-5-202, 40-5-225, 40-5-226, 40-5-231, 40-5-236, 40-5-253, 40-5-273, 40-5-403, 40-5-412, 40-5-414, 40-5-703, 40-5-809, 40-5-824, 71-3-302, and 72-3-807, MCA; and providing an immediate effective date.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Montana: