House Bill No. 274

Introduced By vick, rose, bohlinger, walters, mills, barnett, boharski, molnar, wagner, prouse, arnott, stovall, bitney, curtiss, marshall, holland, orr, denny, bookout, ahner, ohs, beaudry, hayne, sliter, smith, jore, grinde, knox, debruycker, kasten, devaney, anderson, cobb

A Bill for an Act entitled: An Act eliminating certain nuisance taxes by eliminating the $10 filing fees for small business corporations, eliminating the rural cooperative utilities annual fee, and repealing the license tax on sales of cement and byproducts; amending sections 15-31-202 and 35-18-503, MCA; repealing sections 15-31-204, 15-59-201, 15-59-203, 15-59-204, 15-59-205, 15-59-206, 15-59-207, 15-59-208, 15-59-209, 15-59-210, 15-59-212, 15-59-213, 15-59-214, 15-59-221, 35-18-504, 35-18-505, 35-18-506, and 35-18-510, MCA; and providing an effective date and applicability dates.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Montana: