House Bill No. 343

Introduced By grimes, nelson

A Bill for an Act entitled: An Act generally revising the laws relating to domestic violence; increasing certain filing fees; creating an account to help fund domestic violence shelters and crisis lines; providing that in partner or family member assault situations a peace officer may arrest the primary aggressor; providing that in any assault against a partner or family member an offender must go to jail without bail; providing that in a hearing for an order of protection the victim's past sexual history may not be placed into evidence; providing a privilege for a victim of partner or family member assault from disclosure of discussions with shelter workers and volunteers; clarifying that a conviction under the former domestic abuse statute is a conviction under the current partner or family member assault statute; amending sections 25-1-201, 40-15-202, 40-15-302, 45-5-206, 46-6-311, and 46-9-302, MCA; and providing an effective date, a retroactive applicability date, and a termination date.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Montana: