Senate Joint Resolution No. 15

Introduced By _______________________________________________________________________________

A Joint Resolution of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the state of Montana commemorating and celebrating the contributions of Chet Blaylock to Montana and authorizing the permanent placement of a memorial on a wall outside the Senate chamber.

WHEREAS, in a time in search of heroes and inspiration, public service is often overlooked; and

WHEREAS, Chet Blaylock made a lifetime commitment to public service and idealism, serving Montana as a veteran, teacher, 1972 Constitutional Convention delegate, legislator, and mentor; and

WHEREAS, while adamant about his vision for Montana and outspoken in his pursuit of that vision, Chet's feet never wandered from the ethical high road; and

WHEREAS, in both his personal and professional life, Chet led by example, instilling values and teaching through a constant commitment to the appropriate; and

WHEREAS, Chet's ready wit, which was never mean-spirited, and infectious smile were a constant reminder of the good in all Montanans; and

WHEREAS, Chet never shirked a commitment or a duty, even when the personal sacrifice was readily apparent; and

WHEREAS, Chet made the ultimate sacrifice, doing what he had done throughout his life, speaking to the people whom he cared about in the place that he loved, sharing his concerns about today and his vision for tomorrow; and

WHEREAS, Chet's passing has left a personal void that his memory can partially fill by instilling a sense of personal values and pride in all Montanans and encouraging all Montanans to work for a better place, while maintaining personal integrity and ethical conduct.


That Montanans celebrate the life and mourn the death of Chet Blaylock by following his tutelage and adhering to the standards that he established while pursuing our goals.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a permanent memorial to Chet Blaylock be authorized for placement outside the Senate Chamber and that future placement of memorials to Senators whose careers are marked by long and distinguished service to the people of Montana be referred to the Senate Legislative Administration Committee for recommendation to the Senate.