Montana Code Annotated 1997

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     10-1-121. Montana national guard education benefit program -- rulemaking. (1) There is a Montana national guard education benefit program from which the department may recommend tuition waivers for qualified Montana national guard members.
     (2) A national guard education benefit:
     (a) must be used within 10 years of the first award;
     (b) is available only during fall and spring semesters unless approved by an army or air education officer;
     (c) must be based on a 6-year enlistment in or a qualifying reenlistment commitment to the Montana national guard;
     (d) may be awarded only to members who, at the time of the award, hold the military grade of:
     (i) officer, grade 1 or 2;
     (ii) warrant officer, grade 1 or 2; or
     (iii) enlisted, grades 1 through 7;
     (e) may not be used for second or subsequent undergraduate degrees or for graduate degrees; and
     (f) is exclusive of the Montgomery GI Bill Act of 1984 (10 U.S.C. 16131 through 16135), enlistment bonuses, or any other federal incentive or entitlement.
     (3) An enhanced education benefit is an education benefit that is awarded in addition to a national guard education benefit and that is available only to members assigned to perform identified critical skills.
     (4) Pursuant to Title 2, chapter 4, the adjutant general shall adopt rules necessary to implement and administer the provisions of this section, including rules that:
     (a) outline the selection and qualification criteria for scholarship applicants;
     (b) define the terms used in the scholarship program; and
     (c) establish procedures and forms to be used by scholarship applicants.

     History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 418, L. 1997.

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