Montana Code Annotated 1997

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     7-2-4731. Plans and report on extension of services required. (1) A municipality exercising authority under this part shall make plans for the extension of services to the area proposed to be annexed and shall, prior to the public hearing provided for in 7-2-4707 through 7-2-4709, prepare a report setting forth its plans to provide services to such area. This report shall include:
     (a) a map or maps of the municipality and adjacent territory to show the following information:
     (i) the present and proposed boundaries of the municipality;
     (ii) the present streets, major trunk water mains, sewer interceptors and outfalls, and other utility lines and the proposed extension of such streets and utility lines as required in subsection (1)(c); and
     (iii) the general land-use pattern in the areas to be annexed;
     (b) a statement showing that the area to be annexed meets the requirements of 7-2-4734 and 7-2-4735;
     (c) a statement setting forth the plans of the municipality for extending to the area to be annexed each major municipal service performed within the municipality at the time of annexation.
     (2) At least 14 days before the date of the public hearing provided for in 7-2-4707 through 7-2-4709, the governing body shall approve the report and shall make it available to the public at the office of the municipal official designated by the governing body. In addition, the municipality may prepare a summary of the full report for public distribution.

     History: (1)En. 11-518 by Sec. 5, Ch. 364, L. 1974; Sec. 11-518, R.C.M. 1947; (2)En. 11-520 by Sec. 7, Ch. 364, L. 1974; Sec. 11-520, R.C.M. 1947; R.C.M. 1947, 11-518(part), 11-520(3).

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