Montana Code Annotated 1999

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     87-1-603. Payments to counties for department-owned land -- exceptions. Before November 30 of each year, the treasurer of each county in which the department owns any land shall describe the land, state the number of acres in each parcel, and request the drawing of a warrant to the county in a sum equal to the amount of taxes which would be payable on county assessment of the property were it taxable to a private citizen. The director shall approve or disapprove the request. The director may disapprove a request only if the director finds it to be inconsistent with this section. If the director disapproves a request, the director shall return it with an explanation detailing the reasons for the disapproval to the appropriate county treasurer for correction. If the director approves a request, the director shall transmit it to the department of administration, which shall draw a warrant payable to the county in the amount shown on the request and shall send the warrant to the county treasurer. The warrant is payable out of any funds to the credit of the department of fish, wildlife, and parks. A payment may not be made to a county in which the department owns less than 100 acres. A payment may not be made to a county for lands owned by the department for game or bird farms or for fish hatchery purposes or lands acquired and managed for the purposes of Title 23, chapter 1.

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