Montana Code Annotated 1999

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     87-4-201. Taxidermist's license, fee, and penalty. A person who engages in conducting any taxidermy business, as the term is generally understood, or any person who conducts a business for the purpose of mounting, preserving, or preparing any of the dead bodies of any wildlife or any part thereof must first obtain from the director a taxidermist's license and pay an annual license fee of $15 therefor. Such person shall keep a written record of all the articles of wildlife in his possession or control, the kind and number of each, by whom owned, and the residence of owner, all the articles of wildlife shipped and to whom and where shipped. The above record shall be kept for as long as such articles remain in the possession of the licensee but in any event at least 5 years. These records shall be open to inspection by any state game warden at any reasonable time. In all cases of conviction of violation of this section, the license of the person convicted may be revoked by the court.

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