Montana Code Annotated 1999
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Part 1. General Provisions

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87-3-101. General restrictions.
87-3-102. Waste of fish or game.
87-3-103. Limit on number of game animals hunted or killed.
87-3-104. Unlawful to hunt or fish during closed season.
87-3-105. Unlawful to import for introduction or to introduce or transplant wildlife.
87-3-106. Hunting and fishing prohibited in fire-danger areas.
87-3-107. Use of snare lawful under certain conditions.
87-3-108. Restrictions on use of reproduced sounds.
87-3-109. Attempting to take simulated wildlife decoy -- penalty.
87-3-110. Registration for sale of certain grizzly bears.
87-3-111. Unlawful to buy, sell, possess, or transport fish or game -- exceptions -- penalties.
87-3-112. Possession of unlawfully killed animals and of unlawful fishing implements.
87-3-113. Removal of illegally taken animals or parts of animals from state.
87-3-114. Labeling of packages.
87-3-115. Violation by carriers.
87-3-116. reserved.
87-3-117. Definitions of lawfully taken wildlife and unlawfully taken wildlife.
87-3-118. Felony sale or possession of wildlife -- penalty.
87-3-119. and reserved.
87-3-121. Conditions for award of prizes.
87-3-122. Repealed.
87-3-123. Use of silencers or mufflers on firearms forbidden.
87-3-124. Restrictions on hunting with dogs.
87-3-125. Restrictions on use of motor vehicles while hunting.
87-3-126. Restrictions on use of aircraft or boats.
87-3-127. Taking of stock-killing animals.
87-3-128. Exceptions -- department personnel.
87-3-129. Exception in cases of extreme hunger.
87-3-130. Taking of wildlife to protect persons or livestock.
87-3-131. through reserved.
87-3-134. Restriction on use of electronic motion-tracking device while hunting.
87-3-135. Restrictions on use of archery equipment.
87-3-136. through reserved.
87-3-141. Definitions.
87-3-142. Harassment prohibited.
87-3-143. Penalty.
87-3-144. Injunction.