in chapter number order

HB 11Dave LewisFeed bill
HB 212Frank SmithDesignate Wolf Point as Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame site
HB 3093Roy BrownProvide population criterion for redistricting of legislative districts
SB 2584Fred ThomasLegislature to assign holdover senators to new districts
HB 166Dick HainesFire and emergency supplemental appropriation
HB 257Kathleen Galvin-HalcroLimit candidate to file declaration of nomination for only one party
HB 318Karl WaitschiesIncrease fee for inspection of anhydrous ammonia facilities
HB 349Hal JacobsonPurchase of retail installment contracts subject to regulation
HB 5810Ron EricksonStandardize relationship of when tax return due and payment of tax due
HB 6211Larry LehmanRevise apiculture laws
HB 6912Frank SmithRevise laws relating to notaries public
HB 7013John ParkerAllow dismissal of an appeal from Justice Court if defendant doesn't appear
HB 8314Jim PetersonRevise well log filing statute
HB 13215John MusgroveRevise laws on reclassification of municipalities
HB 15316Norman BallantyneRevise child advocate requirements for special education
HB 3917Dave GallikAdopt current federal laws regulating National Guard
HB 4618Dick HainesRevise water revolving fund loan programs
HB 4819Brad NewmanClarify procedure in criminal appeal with lack of merit
HB 6820Christine KaufmannRevise laws related to general traffic regulation
HB 7821Gary BranaeTrustees to determine conduct of school on Saturdays in emergency
HB 8422Brad NewmanRevising and clarifying mitigated deliberate homicide
HB 2323Gary Matthews3-year average enrollment to calculate community college reversions
HB 3524Hal JacobsonInclude National Guard veterans in public employer preference law
HB 4325Jill CohenourRevise asbestos control act
HB 4426Frank SmithRevise rate for purchase of military service for PERS
HB 5327Brad NewmanTransfer certain notification responsibility from court to law enforcement
HB 10228Jill CohenourRevise radon control act
HB 16229Tim CallahanIncrease gambling machine fee and amount department keeps to administer law
HB 16730Clarice SchrumpfRevise state records management laws
HB 3831Alan OlsonRevise lobbying laws
HB 13632Stanley (Stan) FisherEliminate statutory appropriation to governor's office for economic development
HB 17533Paul ClarkClarify EQC oversight of attached to entities
HB 20734Jesse LaslovichRevise property tax assessment and certification dates
HB 23235Ronald DevlinRevise laws governing county capital improvement programs
HB 9636Ronald DevlinEliminate advanced telecommunications infrastructure tax credit
HB 11537Sylvia Bookout-ReinickeChange membership of State Emergency Response Commission
HB 14338Carol LambertLimit PERB liability for improper employer reporting
HB 23339Karl WaitschiesClarify tax credit for geothermal system
HB 4740Paul ClarkProvide additional method creating a herd district
HB 8841Dave KastenDe-earmark certain local government and school funds -- revise earmarking law
HB 9342Bob LawsonRequire DOJ adopt rules to allow early reregistration of motor vehicle
HB 16843Tim CallahanCreate performance assurance account for telecommunications carrier payments
HB 20844Jim ShockleyClarify period for termination of parental rights without treatment plan
HB 20945Jim ShockleyConform period for enforcing lien filed in another county
HB 11246Jeff PattisonAllow vehicle to pass school buses stopped in designated turnouts
HB 15147Bernie OlsonRevise compensation of election judges
HB 21748John BrueggemanEliminate general fund transfers to highway nonrestricted account for biennium
HB 23849Joan AndersenExempt local government from certain short-term water right lease requirements
HB 24850Joe BalyeatFree first year youth combo license
HB 40651Karl WaitschiesException for timely deposit for Department of Revenue
SB 752Edward ButcherExempt local elected officials from lobbyist registration fee
HB 2253Christine KaufmannGenerally revise laws on traffic control devices
HB 5154Edith ClarkRevise licensure of personal care facilities
HB 8055Verdell JacksonApply reduced farm rate GVW fee to vehicles hauling timber on ranch, farm
HB 11456Larry JentRevise laws governing capitol complex advisory council
HB 12157Edith ClarkClarify deposit of payment from state hospital and nursing care center
SB 13658Edward ButcherClarify lobbying by local official for organization of local officials
HB 10859Alan OlsonEliminate prohibition on corporate contributions/spending on ballot issues
HB 18160Bill ThomasEuthanasia for animals in humane centers
SB 16461Jeff ManganClarify nonrestrictive custody in shelter care
SB 19562Duane GrimesAuthorize commission of sculpture in Senate chamber
HB 12863Diane RiceConstitutional amendment to create noxious weed management trust fund
HB 3664Bob LawsonAmend credit union law
HB 4565Bob LawsonRevise licensing requirements for escrow companies
HB 5966Ron EricksonRevise elderly homeowner tax credit -- 5-year time period -- DOR record req.
HB 6567Gary MatthewsAllow dental student practice
HB 10668Ron EricksonRevise provisions relating to inheritance and estate taxes
HB 14969Donald HedgesRevise sentence review process
HB 35370Jeff LaszloffyDesignate Laurel as site of state firefighters memorial
HB 36471Bob BergrenStatutory protection for self-sustaining agriculture programs
SB 4172Joseph (Joe) TropilaRevise designation of school for deaf & blind
SB 4273Joseph (Joe) TropilaTrack educational services provided to sensory impaired children
SB 4374Joseph (Joe) TropilaMake optional fee for services collected by deaf & blind school
HB 19475Debby BarrettReorganize business services bureau of secretary of state's office
HB 39276Sandy WeissEliminate interim universal access program for advanced telecomm. services
HB 60177Rick RipleyRequire state ownership of tower rock
HB 2978Alan OlsonAccountability for boot camp graduates
HB 7779Larry JentPost conviction DNA testing
HB 10180Larry JentRevise laws governing acquisition and possession of hunting and fishing licenses
HB 11681Christine KaufmannEstablish domestic violence fatality review commission
HB 13782Michael LangeRetain funding allocation for fishing access site operation and maintenance
HB 15083Bob LawsonRevise respite care wage and hour exemptions
HB 18784Steven GallusRevise fishery laws
HB 32185Cindy YounkinCertain provisions in health licensure laws for medical assistants
HB 36686Paul ClarkCertain school district trustees to meet quarterly
HB 51187George EverettGrandfather master plans
HB 63688Gary ForresterGenerally revise tow truck laws
SB 5189John BohlingerIncrease debt limit of board of housing
SB 6990Linda NelsonRevise legislative membership on drinking water revolving fund advisory council
HB 41191Steven GallusRevise laws on commercial fishing activities
HB 47192David WanzenriedExpand Dept. of Administration's duties regrading information tech purchases
HB 4993Dick HainesAllow tourist homes to provide spas
HB 7294Scott MendenhallGenerally revise unemployment insurance laws
HB 11795Christine KaufmannClarifying UI tax laws under DOR
HB 16696David WanzenriedClarify that guilty plea must be accepted under certain circumstances
HB 32597John WittRaise maximum coverage on state hail insurance
HB 37898Veronica Small-EastmanChange definition of native plant
HB 42799Gail GutscheRevise air quality laws
HB 450100Brad NewmanIncrease certain fees of clerk of district court
HB 542101Eve FranklinRevise occupational therapy practice laws
SB 3102Dan HarringtonRepeal requirement for transmittal and compilation of sentencing data
SB 14103Bea McCarthyExtend suspension of adjudication during negotiation of reserved water rights
SB 17104Dan McGeeImmediate effective date for special session legislation
SB 21105Walter McNuttRevise Montana Bank Act
SB 27106Royal JohnsonClarify distribution of income from noxious weed trust fund
SB 32107Dale MahlumRevise lottery background checks to meet FBI required criteria
SB 33108John CobbClarify permissible fireworks sales
SB 38109Dale MahlumAuthorize political practices to provide information electronically
SB 40110Dale MahlumCoordinate licensing for gambling and liquor
HB 71111Karl WaitschiesRemove sunset on MDT diesel vehicle inspection authority
HB 264112Carol GibsonRequire elected county officials to comply with personnel policies
SB 5113Bill TashIncrease bond issuance authority for renewable resource grants and loans
SB 10114Duane GrimesCode Commissioner bill
SB 31115John CobbClarify judgment levies exempt from mill levy limits
SB 49116Debbie SheaClarify privacy of certain veteran's records
SB 88117Keith BalesRevise codification of coal bed methane law
SB 94118Emily StoningtonExtend multi-agency children's initiative
HB 79119Verdell JacksonImmunity for private associations for marking obstructions in waterways
HB 178120Nancy FritzAllow certain retired teachers & administrators to work without loss of benefits
HB 212121Jim ShockleyEliminate unanimous jury verdict for punitive damages
HB 326122Brad NewmanRevise Upper Clark Fork water leasing laws
HB 490123Rosalie (Rosie) BuzzasRevise requirement for permanent disability claim for parental tax deduction
HB 552124Brennan RyanClarify automatic extension for corporate income tax
SB 78125Bea McCarthyDefine "final agency action" under MEPA
HB 32126George GolieAllow hunting mountain lions and bobcats with dogs
HB 55127Tom FaceyExtend authority to restrict nonresident mountain lion hunting
HB 89128Alan OlsonRevise total maximum daily load law
HB 97129Larry JentRevise taxidermy laws
HB 135130Joan AndersenClarify use of tuition fund for schools
HB 142131Ronald DevlinRequire consultation with local government in preparing envir. impact statement
HB 198132Carol LambertClarify requirements for ballot language
HB 215133John BrueggemanFee for reinstatement of driver's license
HB 250134Penny MorganRevise purple heart license plate design
HB 311135Ron StokerRequire fee for all classes of milk sold by licensed person
HB 126136Nancy FritzChange funding of consumer protection office
HB 144137Christopher HarrisRevise underground storage tank act
HB 164138Tim CallahanRevise cap on workers' compensation adjustments
HB 172139Dave GallikExtend bond validating act
HB 180140Edith ClarkAllocate liquor revenue to certain programs
HB 240141Jim ShockleyClarify transportation to place of incarceration
HB 246142Christopher HarrisMiranda warning for all in police custody
HB 280143David WanzenriedAuthorize use of originally-issued vintage automobile license plates
HB 305144Jim PetersonStatutory definition of "current term" regarding term limits
HB 339145Jeff PattisonPermissive county auditor in small counties
HB 402146John ParkerIncrease penalties for operation of unlawful clandestine laboratory
HB 436147Alan OlsonExempt certain leases subject to permitting from MEPA review
HB 455148Bob LakeInspection and regulation of noncommercial feeds
HB 493149Gary BranaeRevise professional employer organization and groups licensing act
HB 562150Norman BallantyneRevise laws relating to a customer's telecommunications carrier
SB 16151Jeff ManganSchool district territory transfer
SB 19152Duane GrimesRevise laws relating to state assumption of district court costs
SB 20153Duane GrimesClarify state procurement does not apply to independent contract court reporters
SB 68154Brent CromleyRemove reference to death penalty under penalty enhancement law
SB 71155Gregory BarkusRevise woodstove certification standards
SB 144156Gregory BarkusRevise securities laws
HB 156157Gary MatthewsClarify youth court act-revise misdemeanor commitment to correctional facility
HB 176158Jeff PattisonPayment of regional water system costs from special revenue account
HB 391159Joe BalyeatCorrect tax law errors relating to federal law -- lump sum, energy, investments
HB 429160Dave KastenCreate property tax exemption study committee
HB 683161John BrueggemanRevise requirements for a change in a water appropriation right
SB 45162Kelly GebhardtIncrease limit for professional services that may be directly negotiated
SB 55163Bob KeenanRevise community commitment law and criteria
SB 56164Bob KeenanLimit period of confinement of not guilty but mentally ill
SB 64165Bob KeenanProvide for notice of petition for mental health commitments to DPHHS
SB 87166Ken (Kim) HansenEliminate grants under vertebrate pest management program
SB 102167Walter McNuttAllow MDT lease airport facilities for 40 years
HB 30168Daniel HurwitzElectronic traveler information kiosks at rest areas
HB 60169Joe McKenneyExempt deaf & blind school from spending reductions
HB 656170Rod BitneyEliminate safety employment education and training advisory committee
SB 81171Mike CooneyHonorary diplomas for certain veterans
SB 190172John BohlingerRevise statutes for dental hygiene practice
SB 202173Royal JohnsonExpand use of teacher certification fees
HB 621175John SinrudTake chiropractic legal panel off budget
HB 635176Gary ForresterRevise laws relating to abandoned, wrecked, and disabled vehicles
SB 23177Edward ButcherInclude bailment contracts in agricultural producer lien statutes
SB 26178Jeff ManganRevise Title Loan Act
SB 36179Duane GrimesClarify work comp coverage responsibility for water commissioners
SB 70180Walter McNuttRevise universal system benefits programs funds
SB 117181John CobbExempt intra-governmental policies from MAPA
SB 128182Dale MahlumState special revenue account for criminal history record dissemination
SB 131183Gregory BarkusBoard of Investments purchase of loans from local development organizations
SB 132184Walter McNuttClarify rulemaking authority for enhanced 911 system
SB 160185John CobbRequire DPHHS to develop strategic plans with performance measures
SB 172186Walter McNuttRevise surcharge for electronic fund transfers act
SB 173187Walter McNuttRevise law on rural telecommunications carriers
SB 238188Jeff ManganProhibit secure detention of youth committing status offense
SB 257189Mike CooneyImplement court notification in child abuse and neglect proceedings
HB 182190Allen RomeAdditional implementation of reorganization of Department of Commerce
HB 252191Donald HedgesClarify application of campaign laws to special district elections
SB 83192Dan McGeePilot program to allow MDT to consider "design/build" RFPs
SB 108193Walter McNuttGenerally revise workers' compensation laws
SB 139194Debbie SheaAdopt Interstate Compact for Juveniles
SB 151195Dale MahlumRevise life and health insurance guarantee statutes
HB 174196Bill ThomasRevising professional occupation and  licensing laws
HB 312197Monica LindeenExempt amateur athletic officials from unemployment compensation
HB 416198Cindy YounkinExtend protest period for RID to 30 days
SB 103199Rick LaibleTransfer funds from orphan share account to environmental protection fund
SB 107200Glenn RoushIncrease state payment for county vehicle recycling and disposal
SB 122201Bill TashRevise elk hunting licensing provisions
SB 125202Jon TesterRevise requirements for registration when raising capital
SB 229203Fred ThomasAgency may not require surety bonds on public contracts from particular company
HB 373204Alan OlsonRevise strip and underground mine reclamation act
HB 616205Cindy YounkinRevise endowed philanthropy tax credit
SB 100206Duane GrimesRepeal requirement for health care data base
SB 104207Jon TesterChange time for computing per diem at institutions
HB 467208Debby BarrettClarify process for designating outstanding resource waters
HB 306209Joe BalyeatRight to Hunt Game constitutional amendment
HB 122210Gary ForresterRevise gambling automated accounting and reporting system
HB 165211Bob LakeAllow participation in international lotteries
HB 262212Daniel FuchsClarify predator management duty
HB 284213Kim GillanMandatory blood alcohol testing for certain vehicle accidents
HB 333214Karl WaitschiesInterest on county funds credited to fund invested
HB 350215Jill CohenourExpand highway patrol arrest authority regarding dangerous drugs
HB 420216Bob LakeRevise pesticide disposal laws
HB 443217Michael LangeRevise major facility siting act
HB 548218Larry JentCreate account to implement "Help America Vote Act of 2002"
HB 583219Roy BrownAuthorize transportation improvement authority
HB 639220Jesse LaslovichFines for violations of motor vehicle  regulations on university system campus
SB 28221Jeff ManganRevise Deferred Deposit Loan Act
SB 75222Corey StapletonMontana civil relief act for activated Montana guard members
SB 84223Vicki CocchiarellaRemove requirement that Bd of Oil and Gas report to Rev. and Trans. Interim Comm
SB 109224Walter McNuttRevise professional and occupational licensing laws
SB 121225Bill GlaserRevise taxation of pass-through entities
SB 216226Vicki CocchiarellaChange assessment for self-insured employers
SB 221227Sam KitzenbergWinter spear fishing on Fort Peck lake
SB 253228Jim Elliott10-day nonresident fishing license
SB 398229Brent CromleyClarify fingerprint information provided for character and fitness of attorneys
HB 557230Joan AndersenRegistry system for organ donations
HB 700231John BrueggemanRevise environmental laws
HB 41232Mark NoennigClarify Legislative Council appointment authority for interstate committees
HB 63233Dave KastenRepeal statutory prioritization of state park funding
HB 129234Gail GutscheExtend funding for bull and cutthroat trout enhancement program
HB 236235Ron EricksonClarify and revising use of bond proceeds for POINTS I
HB 272236Kim GillanProhibit state offset of county payments
HB 319237Bob LawsonRevise credit union laws
HB 340238Joan AndersenProvide for disposition of ward's remains, personal effects after death
HB 554239Dave KastenRevise procedure for reclamation grants and loans
HB 585240Eve FranklinProvide APRN independent role for living will and do not resuscitate protocols
HB 627241Monica LindeenRevise property tax sale law to allow certain private costs
SB 206242Sherm AndersonRevise timber hazard reduction law
HB 196243Stanley (Stan) FisherCombine board of barbers and board of cosmetology
HB 354244Brad NewmanExempt media make-up artists from cosmetology licensure
HB 368245Ronald DevlinRevise petroleum tank release compensation board laws
HB 414246Joe BalyeatApply existing vehicle 45-day grace period for registration to other vehicles
HB 428247Jim KeaneEliminate provision not requiring backfilling of metal mines
HB 458248John MusgroveAllow disability symbol on generic specialty license plate
HB 479249Kim GillanImpose fines for telecommunications violations
HB 549250Sue DickensonIncrease scholarship donation for collegiate license plates
HB 711251Steven GallusDriver license expiration notification
SB 114252Royal JohnsonRevise state-local government revenue allocation changes
SB 141253Mike WheatClarify when confidential criminal justice information is no longer confidential
SB 149254Gregory BarkusModify districting and apportionment commissioner districts
SB 183255John BohlingerFund education for exonerated convict
SB 413256Sam KitzenbergName U.S. Highway 2 as 163rd Infantry Regiment Heritage Hwy
HB 323257Larry JentEnact model state trademark
HB 389258Carol GibsonCorrections Dept. to designate place of incarceration for offender
HB 496259Arlene BeckerRevise interstate enforcement of domestic violence protection orders law
HB 507260John BrueggemanRemove requirement that Dept. of Labor adopt rules on child labor standards act
HB 686261Bob BergrenRetroactive application of deferred retirement option plan for peace officers
HB 731262Larry LehmanIncrease retirement benefit for volunteer firefighters
SB 22263Linda NelsonEstablish maximum licensing fees for seed program
SB 24264Jeff ManganAllow local government to charge convenience fee for electronic information
SB 85265Vicki CocchiarellaRevise Legislative Council duties to include review of certain  legislation
SB 133266Tom ZookDept of Corrections to select rep. for Youth Ct. Placement Comm.
SB 162267Bob StoryExempt no additional cost services from unemployment insurance tax
SB 163268Jeff ManganAllow tax and fee payments by credit card for local governments
SB 197269Gary PerryProhibit mayor veto of county designated planning board member
SB 213270Linda NelsonIncrease wheat and barley assessments
HB 285271Roy BrownRevise laws related to military status
HB 220272Jeff LaszloffyRevise restitution laws
HB 287273Monica LindeenReimburse fire costs for illegal range fires
HB 438274Gary ForresterRevise construction prompt payment law
HB 684275Alan OlsonRevise termination of mine operation permit  revocation and transfer
SB 97276Bob StoryRequire submission of revenue amounts for retirement and transportation
SB 150277Royal JohnsonClarify local government bonding and assessment laws
SB 445278Gregory BarkusRepeal transition clause for districting plan
HB 474279Sandy WeissClarify that vehicle leases are not sales or security interests
SB 118280Bob DePratuLicense plates -- delay new issue, change costs, generic specialty plates
SB 211281Ken (Kim) HansenEliminate junk vehicle disposal fee
SB 292282Vicki CocchiarellaClarify landlord tenant exemption for university system
HB 160283Dick HainesReauthorize natural resource damage program
HB 417284George GolieRepeal small power production facilities act
HB 445285Jeff PattisonRevise load length on hay trucks
HB 546286Pat WagmanIncrease incarceration period for failure to provide child support
HB 617287Scott MendenhallRevise metal mine reclamation laws
HB 678288Monica LindeenDeclaratory rulings for natural streambed and land preservation act
SB 66289John BohlingerReduce the years of service required for PERS member to buy military service
SB 77290Royal JohnsonContinue universal service benefits program
SB 135291Fred ThomasRevise law governing mineral production rights for funding schools
SB 145292John BohlingerParticipants in federal volunteer programs to purchase PERS service
SB 188293Vicki CocchiarellaInclude electricians and plumbers in prevailing wage survey
SB 220294Fred ThomasRevise Public Service Commission districts
SB 249295Mike TaylorRevise aerospace bonding law
HB 6296John WittRenewable resource grants
HB 8297John WittRenewable resource bonds and loans
HB 124298Alan OlsonUser charge to fund Law Enforcement Academy
HB 186299Gary MatthewsRevise motor vehicle dealer licensing
HB 195300Cindy YounkinMandatory penalty provisions for DUI offenders -- for federal funding
HB 230301Ron EricksonRevise time for payment of wages
HB 293302Frank SmithProhibit racial profiling
HB 419303Jeff LaszloffyRevise Montana train whistle statutes
HB 456304John ParkerRevise partner-family member assault law
HB 482305Gary ForresterChange indemnification in insurance clauses for construction contracts
HB 494306Bill WilsonRevise physician licensing laws for those in temporary residency program
HB 501307Mark NoennigRevise licensure of radiologic technologists
HB 555308Rod BitneyRevise amount charged for past due loan payments
HB 579309Jim ShockleyPerson must be informed of loss of firearm rights when injunction sought
HB 580310Rod BitneyDispute resolution for PSC
HB 591311Daniel FuchsProvide for term permit fees for certain overweight vehicle loads
HB 637312Holly RaserRestrict unsolicited faxes
SB 180313Don RyanExtend law on unemployment benefits for domestic abuse victims
SB 283314Mike WheatRevising laws related to venue in family law cases
SB 302315Bea McCarthyRevise taxation of multiple undivided interests in a single parcel of property
SB 329316Jeff ManganJuvenile specific detention officer training
SB 331317Carolyn SquiresRevise nursing laws
SB 409318Corey StapletonDevelopment plan for otter creek tracts
HB 20319George GolieAllow FWP auction of a mule deer license and an elk license
HB 87320Larry JentBan punch ballot voting systems
HB 123321Paul ClarkRevise age requirements for trapping licenses
HB 127322Nancy FritzRevise unfair trade and consumer protection act of 1973
HB 203323Alan OlsonRevise and clarify initiative process
HB 303324Alan OlsonRevise definition of "facility" under major facility siting act
HB 384325Joe McKenneyAllow limited benefit coverage health care plans demo project
HB 431326Bob LawsonAllow local government first right of refusal when certain state land to be sold
HB 435327John SinrudClarify that legislator may not accept speaking fee or other compensation
HB 602328Kathleen Galvin-HalcroDevelopment of leasing preference guideline for certain state vehicles
SB 13329Dale MahlumReduce DUI blood alcohol to .08 for federal highway aid funds
SB 34330Gregory BarkusRevise eminent domain laws to expedite determination of "necessity"
SB 80331Rick LaibleClarify role of standing committees during interim
SB 86332Tom ZookRevise budgeting and appropriation laws
SB 166333Keith BalesRevise laws on collection of paddlefish roe
SB 168334Emily StoningtonMunicipal annexation of roads and streets adjacent to annexed property
SB 241335Debbie SheaInclude off-highway dealers in motor vehicle dealer laws
SB 262336Gary PerryClarify appointment by county commissioners to a vacancy in the legislature
SB 315337Trudi SchmidtFeasibility study to assess conditions affecting rail freight competition in MT
SB 316338Duane GrimesClarify energy conservation and mineral exploration credits
SB 341339Fred ThomasRevise time required for notifying policyholder of cancellation, nonrenewal
SB 380340Keith BalesAuthorize formation of student banks
SB 432341Duane GrimesEstablish appraisal trainee classification
SB 460342Bob StoryRevise definitions applicable to metal mines license tax
HB 40343Brad NewmanClarify stop-and-frisk law
HB 54344Brad NewmanAdd electronic communication as means of committing certain crimes
HB 170345John ParkerMake revocation law completely retroactive
HB 171346John ParkerRestrict to 1 year time to file post-judgment motion to withdraw guilty plea
HB 388347Bob LakeAllow withdrawal from irrigation district assessments
HB 524348Scott MendenhallLicense outdoor  behavioral programs
HB 532349Ron StokerRevise election of drainage district commissioners
HB 17350Brad NewmanMaking exploitation of elderly or person w/Dev. Disability a felony
HB 76351Joe McKenneyEstablish certified regional development corporations and treasure communities
HB 105352Bernie OlsonRevise laws related to vehicle operating requirements
HB 134353Sandy WeissRevise disposition of funds held by or for state prison inmates
HB 210354Jim ShockleyAuthorize appeal of denial of withdrawal of guilty plea
HB 223355Bob LawsonAuthorize state land sale proceeds for land purchases
HB 224356Jim ShockleyClarify employment status of special masters
HB 237357John BrueggemanRequire muffler on motor vehicle with compression brakes
HB 317358Jim ShockleyRestitution to animal shelter for costs incurred due to animal abuse
HB 337359Rick RipleyRevise law on moving electrical lines for house moving
HB 385360Nancy FritzExtend applicability of lemon law
HB 437361Alan OlsonImplementation of constitutional provisions on the environment
HB 451362Edith ClarkAuthorize out-of-state inmates at private correctional facilities
HB 453363Holly RaserInmates to pay earnings for medical care
HB 480364Donald SteinbeisserIncrease penalty for failure to report motor vehicle accidents
HB 527365Scott MendenhallProvide long-term plan for mined-land reclamation
HB 553366Dave GallikEnhanced penalties for animal abuse
HB 563367Jeff LaszloffyRevise election laws
HB 584368Debby BarrettEliminate termination date for controlled allocation of liability act
SB 152369Vicki CocchiarellaRevise special permits to sell alcohol at special events
SB 159370Royal JohnsonTax exemption for certain RR property leased to nonprofit organization
SB 284371Mike WheatModify county auditor authority on county claims
SB 334372Mike SpragueRevise number of alcohol vendor representatives allowed by law
HB 50373Dick HainesRevise Montana food, drug, and cosmetic act
HB 67374Christine KaufmannRevise laws relating to pedestrian traffic
HB 98375Joe McKenneyRevise certain occupational licensing laws
HB 104376Bob BergrenRevise laws for insurance purchasing pools
HB 110377Michael LangeEliminate worker liability for subsequent medical visits
HB 130378Dave LewisRevise law for timely payment of insurance claims
HB 141379Michael LangeFelony for causing high speed pursuit
HB 145380Joe McKenneyRevise insurance laws
HB 157381Dick HainesRevise migratory game bird license laws
HB 161382Gary MatthewsClarify youth's waiver of  parole revocation hearing
HB 179383Gary MatthewsExpand eligibility for captive insurer location in Montana
HB 183384Donald SteinbeisserUniform notice format for health insurance changes
HB 205385Eve FranklinComply with federal changes to insurance privacy laws
HB 222386John ParkerDOC sentencing revisions -- revise suspended sentence laws
HB 269387Bob BergrenRevise fire marshal laws
HB 289388Brad NewmanIncrease sanctions for driver refusing to submit to a blood or breath test
HB 358389Michael LangeRevise laws governing municipal and justice courts
HB 481390Dave LewisImposing a utilization fee on hospitals for acute in-patient care days
HB 499391Eve FranklinEnsure proper state response to bio-terrorism
HB 525392Jim KeaneRevise boiler license laws
HB 556393Dave GallikSeparate registration period for motor homes with amateur radio license plates
HB 569394Gail GutscheAt-home infant care
HB 610395Bob BergrenRevise management of water and sewer districts
HB 647396Bill ThomasRevise uniform health care information act
HB 663397Jesse LaslovichEnhance enforcement of tobacco products reserve fund law
HB 703398John ParkerRevise statutory criteria for removal of child in family member assaults
SB 65399Glenn RoushRevise veteran's property tax and vehicle fee benefits
SB 98400Jeff ManganAdd personal care facilities to community residential facilities for zoning
SB 105401Royal JohnsonRevise licensure of certain health care facilities
SB 110402Ken TooleCoordinate PERS status for PERS member elected to PERS-covered office
SB 113403John EspSeparate licensure of intermediate care facilities for developmentally disabled
SB 137404Bob DePratuProcedure for commercial leasing of state trust land
SB 146405Sherm AndersonEliminate certain energy loan and grant programs
SB 191406Jerry O'NeilRequire deletion of unsubstantiated allegations of child abuse from records
SB 217407Dale MahlumRevise law for restraint of infant in motor vehicle
SB 226408Bob DePratuClarify landlord-tenant law effect for drug violation
SB 254409Mike CooneyRegulate rental vehicle entities' sale of rental vehicle insurance
SB 306410Don RyanUniform athlete agents act
SB 307411Don RyanRevise school district investment laws
SB 389412Dan McGeeAlternative dispute resolution for residential construction contracts
SB 449413Mike CooneyRevise fetal, infant, and child mortality prevention act
HB 155414Larry JentRevise voting system technologies and vote counting process
HB 253415Donald HedgesClarify law on anonymous election materials
HB 256416Jim ShockleyClarify and expand jurisdiction of campus police
HB 266417Hal JacobsonRevise law on telecommunication services for disabled
HB 270418Bob BergrenProhibit use or sale of refrigerants not included in list of safe substitutes
HB 468419Kim GillanRevise what information must be included with election materials
HB 521420Joe BalyeatRevise bail bond laws
HB 573421John ParkerAllow diabetes medication dispensation in schools
HB 631422Bob LakeClarify nonjudicial foreclosure of security interest in liquor license
HB 641423Dick HainesNondiscriminary payment of intercarrier compensation
HB 9424Dave KastenCultural and aesthetic grants
HB 94425Bob LawsonRevise public participation in open meetings
HB 152426Stanley (Stan) FisherIncrease emergency statutory appropriation
HB 169427Jim KeaneRevise insurance producer licensing laws
HB 185428Bill WilsonImplement Federal commercial and HAZMAT driver license requirements
HB 213429Dave GallikHousekeeping bill for retirement systems administered by MPERA
HB 292430Cindy YounkinAppraisal of conservation easements purchased by local government
HB 299431Jim PetersonRevise livestock owner liability
HB 338432Jim KeaneIncrease unemployment benefits
HB 396433Carol GibsonRevise hunter education laws
HB 408434Jim PetersonRevise law on fees paid to local registrars
HB 410435Cindy YounkinRevise work comp for de minimus travel reimbursements
HB 441436Larry CyrProration of taxes on centrally assessed property in subdivision
HB 478437Jim PetersonAllow for driver license suspension for failure to comply with sentence
HB 484438Roy BrownDomestic violence assessment & counseling in specialized batterer intervention
HB 512439John SinrudProvide for addition to planning and zoning district
HB 537440Bob LawsonRequire study to recalculate annual sustainable yield on forested state lands
HB 540441Dave GallikExpand jury pool to drivers licensees and registered voters
HB 618442Sue DickensonDouble driver license reinstatement fee
HB 640443Dick HainesRevise local government building code authority
HB 648444Cindy YounkinRevise agisters lien law
HB 653445Carol LambertRevise commodity sampling and testing laws
HB 667446Christopher HarrisCriminalize ponzi schemes
HB 676447Monica LindeenClarify project under streambed and land preservation act
HB 681448Edith ClarkLicensure of medication aides in personal-care facilities
HB 698449Kim GillanCreate traumatic brain injury advisory council and account
HB 733450Clarice SchrumpfRevise sentencing of pedophiles
HB 761451Dick HainesAuthorize use of eminent domain for veteran's cemeteries
SB 35452Duane GrimesRevise criminal procedure for developmentally disabled
SB 111453Linda NelsonRevise comprehensive health association & plan definition of "eligible person"
SB 209454Jon TesterAnnual publication of game counts
SB 243455Mike WheatMove affordable housing revolving loan fund to housing authority enterprise fund
SB 263456Duane GrimesChild hearsay exception
SB 363457Walter McNuttLimit awards of punitive damages in civil cases
SB 364458Mike CooneyDangerous drug manufacture or distribution as form of child abuse
SB 366459Duane GrimesRevise metal mine reclamation laws
SB 383460Keith BalesRevise water quality laws
SB 392461Keith BalesClarify FWP management plans are subject to MEPA
SB 423462Jerry BlackRevise campaign finance laws
SB 447463Duane GrimesEliminate test for liability for disclosure of employee or former employee info
SB 450464Vicki CocchiarellaReform workers' compensation laws
HB 199465Christopher HarrisAllow posting driver's license as bond
HB 249466Debby BarrettWildlife removal in cities based upon ordinance or resolution
HB 315467Bob LawsonPrevailing wage exception for voc-rehab nonprofit organizations
HB 545468Dick HainesStatutory water quality permit fees for suction dredge operations
HB 669469Cindy YounkinRevise park dedication requirements for subdivisions
HB 677470Monica LindeenJustice court jurisdiction over natural streambed and land preservation
HB 758471Ronald DevlinSurcharge fee on video gambling machines and smoking ordinance exemption
SB 458472Walter McNuttGas and electric utility ratepayer and shareholder protection
HB 7473John WittReclamation and development grants
HB 159474Dick HainesSeparate licensure of food manufacturers from retail establishments
HB 190475Cindy YounkinRevise certain election laws
HB 517476Bill WilsonAllow mill levies for airports that have not made levy request in two years
HB 538477Allen RomeRevise laws on motor vehicle titling and registration
HB 734478Bob LawsonDD planning and advisory council as private nonprofit and attach to Commerce
SB 76479Trudi SchmidtRevise statutes to conform to federal IDEA
SB 89480Bill TashExempt local governments from uniform unclaimed property act
SB 115481Dale MahlumExtend funding for research and commercialization
SB 143482John BohlingerCriteria for annuities sold by charitable organizations
SB 194483Bill TashRevise authorization of interim water agreement
SB 230484Brent CromleyUniform prudent investor act
SB 232485Dale MahlumTransfer heritage preservation commission to Commerce
SB 282486Carolyn SquiresRevise workers' compensation laws
SB 288487Jeff ManganRevise county compensation board law
SB 321488Rick LaibleRevise membership of water pollution control advisory council
SB 337489Joseph (Joe) TropilaRevise liquor liability laws
SB 400490Ken TooleRevise railroad vandalism protection act
SB 401491Mike WheatRevise membership and duties concerning veterans affairs
SB 441492Don RyanAllow school trustees to issue impact aid revenue bonds
SB 444493Jon TesterRevise insurance, securities, elder abuse  laws
HB 3494John BrueggemanSupplemental appropriations bill
HB 4495John BrueggemanAppropriations normally made by budget amendment
HB 10496Rick MaedjeCERCLA bonds for Libby reclamation state matching funds
HB 12497Dave KastenGeneral obligation bonds for energy conservation
HB 18498Jim ShockleyIncrease court's information technology surcharge & eliminate sunset
HB 100499Larry JentRevise shooting preserve and game bird laws
HB 577500John BrueggemanAllow certain employers to organize a reciprocal insurer for workers' comp
HB 588501Gary MatthewsClarify authority for midterm premium increases or decreases
HB 735502Stanley (Stan) FisherRevise job registry for state employees whose jobs are eliminated
HB 741503Monica LindeenStatutorily establish consensus council in department of administration
SB 95504Emily StoningtonRevise child abuse and neglect laws
SB 155505Mike TaylorClarify calculation of Class 8 property tax rate reduction trigger
SB 231506Brent CromleyRevise uniform principal and interest act
SB 244507Bob StoryRevise day-use permit for certain persons on state reservoir
SB 246508Bill GlaserRevise exclusion of annexed territory from fire service area
SB 247509John CobbEstablish default electricity supply procurement process
SB 275510Rick LaibleRevise laws on collection of judgments and fines
SB 294511Kelly GebhardtRevise interest rate applied to refund of protested property taxes
SB 344512Rick LaibleRevise minimum non-forfeiture interest rate
SB 348513Bob KeenanRegulate behavioral health inpatient facilities
SB 386514Kelly GebhardtEliminate applicability of MT Major Facility Siting Act to certain pipelines
SB 387515John CobbConform retail telecommunication excise tax to federal mobile sourcing act
SB 402516Vicki CocchiarellaMortgage Broker and Loan Originator Licensing Act
SB 434517Joseph (Joe) TropilaImmunity for private, contracted emergency response teams
SB 454518Bob StoryRevise the schedule of block grants for schools
SB 480519Jerry BlackRevise tax laws to clarify taxation of dividends
HB 277520Monica LindeenExtend term limits from 8 to 12 years
HB 721521Ron EricksonRevise water's edge election for corporate taxation
HB 748522Ronald DevlinSimplification of oil and natural gas tax distribution
SB 46523Kelly GebhardtRevise bid requirements for large purchase or construction contracts
SB 138524John CobbRevise tax laws on alternative energy and energy conservation
SB 320525Jon TesterRevise local government laws concerning tax increment base value
SB 384526Jeff ManganAmend physical plant operating contract w/o proceeding under bidding procedures
SB 399527John BohlingerAllow local government to request railroad crossing quiet zones
SB 464528Bob KeenanRevise health and safety laws regarding food establishments
SB 478529Bob StoryChange levy by pol. subdivisions for premium contributions for group benefits
HB 283530Daniel FuchsSubstitute state wolf management plan
HB 722531Edith ClarkProvider tax on intermediate care facilities
HB 743532Edith ClarkInclude mental health nursing care center in bed tax
HB 767533John BrueggemanRevise motor vehicle and driving record laws
SB 112534Bea McCarthyFund search and rescue with certain fees
SB 414535Gerald PeaseRevise criteria for gasohol tax incentive payments
SB 442536Emily StoningtonRegulate importation of non-native fish and wildlife
SB 446537Gregory BarkusTransfer Flathead Basin Commission to DNRC
SB 489538Jim ElliottDesignate highway as purple heart trail
SB 491539Emily StoningtonRevise statutes on research and commercialization to implement appropriations
HB 259540Rick MaedjeIncrease speed limit on Highway 93
HB 705541Edith ClarkIncrease utilization fee on nursing facility bed days
SB 101542Dale MahlumRevise heritage preservation and development commission laws
SB 325543Dan McGeeRevise restrictions on subdivision activities
SB 407544Bob DePratuIncome tax reduction with revenue from limited sales tax
SB 408545Linda NelsonAdjustment to state income tax for certain health care professionals
SB 429546John EspRevise redistricting provisions and implementation of redistricting plan
SB 492547Royal JohnsonRevise requirements for university system operating budgets
HB 736548Roy BrownK-12 public school renewal commission
SB 406549Dan McGeeAllow corner record to be filed in lieu of certificate of survey
SB 424550Linda NelsonRevise school finance; increase school facility entitlements
SB 473551Jim ElliottProviding a prescription drug expansion program under Medicaid
HB 13552Dave LewisState employee pay plan
HB 42553Debby BarrettRequire wildlife management in sustainable manner
HB 56554Bill ThomasProvide for involuntary commitment
HB 90555Edith ClarkVoluntary protective services and provisions for dismissal of cases
HB 197556Arlene BeckerRevise driver license laws
HB 201557Larry JentMontana absent uniformed services and overseas elector voting act
HB 206558Cindy YounkinChange driver license fee -- distribution
HB 211559Brad NewmanRevise statutes governing parole board
HB 218560Sylvia Bookout-ReinickeEscort and fees for transporting radioactive waste
HB 247561Christopher HarrisRestrict local government vagrancy laws
HB 261562Dick HainesIncrease municipal finance debt limits -increase vehicle fees to repay loan
HB 298563Cindy YounkinCounty fees for processing subdivision exemptions
HB 403564Jim KeaneAt least 50% of workers on state construction project must be MT residents
HB 509565Alan OlsonRevise laws on default supply of electricity
HB 539566John BrueggemanRevise family education savings program
HB 564567Monica LindeenCreate primary sector business workforce training act
HB 608568Jonathan Windy BoyState-tribal government-to-government relationship
HB 609569Jonathan Windy BoyHonor American Indian war veterans
HB 642570Ronald DevlinTrack certain utility expenses for ratemaking
HB 680571Mark NoennigStandards for documents filed with clerk and recorder
HB 689572Alan OlsonRevise laws relating to lobbying
HB 693573John SinrudRevise child support enforcement laws
HB 720574Daniel HurwitzRevise laws governing water use permits & changes in appropriation rights
HB 727575Edith ClarkClose Eastmont Human Services Center
HB 744576Edith ClarkImplement refinancing of services through DPHHS
SB 126577Bob StoryClarify property tax exemptions
SB 270578Dan HarringtonRevise independent contractor laws
SB 370579Kelly GebhardtClarify responsibility for medical expenses in detention centers
SB 375580Jim ElliottRestrict use of baled waste tires
SB 381581Bob KeenanArbitration for dispute under streambed and land preservation act optional
SB 484582Jeff ManganEmpowerment zone financing act
SB 490583Duane GrimesRevise district court expenses - create special revenue account
HB 536584John BrueggemanProvide for disclosure of mold in inhabitable property
HB 489585Larry LehmanContinue state assumption of civil jury trial costs
HB 5586Dave KastenLong-range building appropriations
HB 11587Dave KastenTreasure state endowment appropriations
HB 363588Roy BrownRemove reserve requirements for old fund
HB 424589Larry JentDOA to establish and enforce phone solicitation no-call list
HB 452590Holly RaserTax credit for developmentally disabled funding
HB 558591Dee BrownRevise terms of nonresident temporary- snowmobile-use fees
HB 559592Steven GallusRegistration decal as evidence of fee payment for vehicles and vessels
HB 775593Jeff LaszloffyConditions under which an appeal board may adjust estimated property value
SB 47594Kelly GebhardtIncrease bid threshold for certain projects paid with gas tax revenue
SB 57595Bob KeenanDefine mental disease or defect for criminal procedure
SB 130596Dan McGeeRevise laws on recreational use of trust land
SB 271597Corey StapletonEliminate POINTS system -- UI tax not under replacement system
SB 304598Royal JohnsonProcess to determine feasibility of selling state fund
SB 326599Dan McGeeGenerally revise growth policy laws
SB 330600Jeff ManganPSC take into account econ. benefits of default supplier's procurement of supply
SB 336601Dale MahlumImplement recommendations of state parks future committee
SB 347602Bob KeenanRevise public mental health services laws
SB 360603Fred ThomasProhibit transfer of State Fund assets to other funds or programs
SB 395604Gary PerrySport hunting of bison as management tool
SB 415605Fred ThomasRevise law on golf course beer and wine licenses
SB 461606Bob StoryMitigate effects of cyclical reappraisal
SB 483607Bob KeenanGenerally revise budgeting laws
SB 485608John CobbTransfer some tobacco settlement proceeds to human services account
SB 487609Gerald PeaseRevise laws related to wind energy taxation and economic development
SB 493610Bob KeenanRevise motor vehicle computer system law to implement appropriations bill
SB 362611Duane GrimesRevise penalties for minor in possession law violations
HB 2612Dave LewisGeneral appropriations act
HJ 2 Ronald DevlinRevenue estimating resolution
HJ 3 Bob LawsonStudy child abuse and neglect proceeding representation
HJ 4 Michael LangeWater management practices review
HJ 5 Dave LewisResolution urging joint effort between Helena and Regents on Vo-Tech Building
HJ 6 Dee BrownUrge federal government to fund educational mandates
HJ 8 Carol JuneauStudy drop-out issues with regard to Indian students
HJ 9 Frank SmithUrge prescription drug cost control
HJ 10 Bob LawsonPersonal financial education in public schools
HJ 11 Frank SmithUrge federal increase in impact aid for schools
HJ 12 Daniel FuchsUrge passage of terrorist free America Act
HJ 13 Daniel HurwitzUrge DPHHS to study redesigning administered health programs
HJ 15 Pat WagmanUrge elimination of brucellosis in Yellowstone Park bison
HJ 16 Scott MendenhallUrge extension of wind power incentives
HJ 17 Jim PetersonExpress concern over impact of proposed trade agreements on MT agriculture
HJ 18 Karl WaitschiesUrge emergency disaster assistance and early decision on CRP release
HJ 19 Holly RaserResolution encouraging DPHHS review of enrollment in health programs
HJ 20 Don RobertsRequest performance audits of professional and occupational licensing boards
HJ 21 Penny MorganUrge moment of remembrance
HJ 22 Rick RipleyUrge Board on Geographic Names to rename Halfbreed Rapids to Pine Island Rapids
HJ 25 Carol JuneauUrge support for Northcentral Montana Community Ventures Project
HJ 26 Cindy YounkinSupport necessary steps to move MT into hydrogen-based economy
HJ 28 Michael LangeUrge Dep. of Administration to study process for awarding construction contracts
HJ 29 Steven GallusUrge support for children's health initiative
HJ 30 Jonathan Windy BoyUrge passage faith-based initiative and tribal-TANF legislation
HJ 31 Tom FaceyEncourage innovative programs within TANF program that divert cash assistance
HJ 32 Dick HainesResolution urging wolf delisting
HJ 34 Joe BalyeatUrge Congress to restore sales tax deduction on income tax
HJ 35 Norma BixbyStudy state share of water under Yellowstone River Compact
HJ 36 Jeff PattisonUrge U.S. Supreme Court to overturn pledge of allegiance ruling
HJ 37 Mark NoennigInterim study of subdivision and platting act
HJ 40 Cindy YounkinStudy effect of ponds on water use
HJ 43 Jonathan Windy BoyStudy reclamation of Zortman-Landusky mine
HR 1 Roy BrownHouse rules resolution
HR 2 Kathleen Galvin-HalcroUrge recognition for seagoing Marines
HR 3 Debby BarrettHouse recommendations to districting and apportionment commission
HR 4 David WanzenriedSupport Montanans in armed forces in operation in Iraq
SJ 1 Fred ThomasAdopt Joint Legislative Rules
SJ 2 Don RyanUrge healthy school nutrition and physical activity
SJ 3 Bill TashEducational benefits for Montana National Guard members
SJ 4 Jim ElliottUrge delisting and management of wolf
SJ 7 Rick LaibleSupport national forest-county partnership restoration program
SJ 8 Jon TesterResolution to address marketing of genetically engineered grains
SJ 9 Linda NelsonUrge minimum level for Fort Peck Lake
SJ 11 Trudi SchmidtInterim study of drug and alcohol abuse and treatment
SJ 13 Ken TooleStudy energy efficiency building codes
SJ 14 Aubyn CurtissUrge Congress to designate research and medical center for asbestos issues
SJ 15 Linda NelsonUrge state park for region 6 at Brush Lake
SJ 16 Mike SpragueUrge reasonable measures for certain endangered species
SJ 17 Jon TesterStudy simplification of work comp laws
SJ 18 Dan HarringtonApply for waiver to allow family to provide assistance to elderly family member
SJ 21 Vicki CocchiarellaUrge increase in availability of child care
SJ 22 Dan McGeeResolution on drilling in arctic wildlife refuge and alternative fuels
SJ 23 Gregory BarkusAssign holdover Senators to districts
SJ 24 Jerry O'NeilRequest feasibility study for transfer of federal funds to state tribal programs
SJ 25 John BohlingerUrge acceptance of Taiwan in World Health Organization
SJ 26 John BohlingerUrge just compensation for impact of fed. land ownership on public educ. funding
SJ 27 Royal JohnsonUrge continued operation of Bair museum
SJ 29 Ken TooleStudy appraisal of centrally assessed property
SJ 31 Bill TashInterim study of juvenile probation and juvenile justice system
SJ 32 Duane GrimesStudy malpractice rates and tort reform
SR 1 Fred ThomasSenate rules resolution
SR 2 Gregory BarkusSenate recommendations to districting and apportionment commission
SR 4 John CobbConfirm Mercer to Regents
SR 5 John CobbConfirm Hur to Board of Regents
SR 6 Mike WheatUrge support for troops in Iraq
SR 7 John CobbConfirm certain gubernatorial appointments
SR 8 John CobbConfirm certain gubernatorial appointees
SR 9 John CobbConfirm gubernatorial appointments
SR 10 John CobbConfirm appointments to board of personnel appeals
SR 11 Duane GrimesConfirm justice Warner