Montana Code Annotated 2003

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     15-30-187. (Temporary) Credit for contributions to developmental disability services account. (1) An individual, corporation, partnership, or small business corporation, as defined in 15-30-1101, is allowed a credit against taxes imposed by 15-30-103 or 15-31-101 in an amount equal to 30% of the amount donated by the taxpayer during the year to the developmental disability services account established in 53-20-171. The maximum credit that may be claimed by the taxpayer is $10,000. The credit may not exceed the taxpayer's income tax liability. A taxpayer claiming a credit under this section may not claim a deduction under 15-30-121(1), 15-30-136(2), or 15-31-114 for the contribution for which a credit is claimed.
     (2) There is no carryback or carryforward of the credit provided for in this section. The credit must be applied in the year the donation is made, as determined by the taxpayer's accounting method. (Terminates January 1, 2006--sec. 6, Ch. 590, L. 2003.)

     History: En. Sec. 2, Ch. 590, L. 2003.

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