Montana Code Annotated 2003

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     2-15-1512. Boards and offices associated with state historical society. (1) (a) There is a board of trustees of the state historical society that is created in Title 22, chapter 3.
     (b) The composition, method of appointment, terms of office, and qualifications of board members remain as prescribed by law.
     (2) (a) There is a preservation review board within the Montana historical society consisting of nine members.
     (b) Members must be appointed by the governor in the following manner:
     (i) five professional persons recognized in the fields of archaeology, history, paleontology, historic property administration, curation, planning, landscape architecture, conservation, folklore, cultural anthropology, traditional cultural property expertise, architecture, or architectural history. However, no more than two members may be appointed from any one of these fields; and
     (ii) four members of the public who represent a broad spectrum of Montana society, who have demonstrated an interest in historic preservation, and whose views reflect the rich cultural heritage of the past as well as the opportunities of the future.
     (c) Each member shall serve a 4-year term. A member may be reappointed.
     (d) Members must be compensated and receive travel expenses as provided for in 2-15-124.
     (3) (a) There is established the historic preservation office within the Montana historical society, to consist of a historic preservation officer and a qualified professional staff.
     (b) The historic preservation officer is appointed by the governor from a list of three nominees submitted to the governor by the director of the Montana historical society with the approval of the Montana historical society board of trustees.
     (c) The historic preservation officer is supervised by the director of the Montana historical society.

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