Montana Code Annotated 2003

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     27-6-302. Contents of application -- waiver of confidentiality of medical and dental records. The application must contain the following:
     (1) a statement in reasonable detail of the elements of the health care provider's conduct that are believed to constitute a malpractice claim, the dates on which the conduct occurred, and the names and addresses of all physicians, dentists, podiatrists, and hospitals having contact with the claimant and all witnesses;
     (2) a statement authorizing the panel to obtain access to all medical, dental, podiatric, and hospital records and information pertaining to the claim and, for the purposes of its consideration of this matter only, waiving any privilege as to the contents of those records. The statement may not in any way be construed as waiving that privilege for any other purpose or in any other context, in or out of court.

     History: En. 17-1307 by Sec. 7, Ch. 449, L. 1977; R.C.M. 1947, 17-1307(part); amd. Sec. 3, Ch. 195, L. 1987; amd. Sec. 3, Ch. 133, L. 1997.

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