Montana Code Annotated 2003

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     53-2-608. Method of issuing assistance grants. (1) Checks in payment of public assistance must be issued by the department of public health and human services upon approved certificates of award and reports of changes of eligible grantees as are forwarded by the county to the state department, and all checks must be mailed to the individual recipient or the appropriate vendor. The checks in payment of public assistance must be issued in the full approved amount for each eligible approved grantee, and the original monthly payment must be from the state public assistance accounts. All public assistance checks represent cash on demand at full par value to the recipient and vendor.
     (2) Whenever the department of public health and human services, acting pursuant to standards established by the department, determines that any otherwise eligible recipient of public assistance has, by reason of any physical or mental condition, such inability to manage funds that making payments to the recipient would be contrary to the recipient's welfare, the department may, under standards established under the state plan, make the public assistance payment on behalf of the recipient to another person found by the department to be interested in or concerned with the welfare of the recipient.

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