Montana Code Annotated 2003

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     69-11-204. Carriage of baggage by carriers of persons. (1) Baggage may consist of any articles intended for the use of a passenger while traveling or for his personal equipment.
     (2) A common carrier of persons, unless his vehicle is fitted for the reception of persons exclusively, must receive and carry a reasonable amount of baggage for each passenger without charge, except for an excess of weight over 100 pounds to a passenger; but if such carrier is a proprietor of a stage line, he may not receive and carry for each passenger by such stage line, without charge, more than 60 pounds of baggage.
     (3) The liability of a carrier for baggage received by him with a passenger is the same as that of a common carrier of property.
     (4) A common carrier must deliver every passenger's baggage, whether within the prescribed weight or not, immediately upon the arrival of the passenger at his destination and, unless the vehicle would be overcrowded or overloaded thereby, must carry it on the same vehicle by which he carries the passenger to whom it belonged; except, that where baggage is transported by rail, it must be checked and carried in a regular baggage car and whenever passengers neglect or refuse to have their baggage so checked and transported, it is carried at their risk.

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