Montana Code Annotated 2003

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     70-32-204. Application for appraisal -- contents -- filing. (1) The application must be made upon a verified petition showing:
     (a) the fact that an execution has been levied upon the homestead;
     (b) the name of the claimant;
     (c) that the value of the homestead exceeds the amount of the homestead exemption.
     (2) The petition must be filed with the clerk of the district court.

     History: En. Secs. 1679, 1680, Civ. C. 1895; re-en. Secs. 4703, 4704, Rev. C. 1907; re-en. Secs. 6954, 6955, R.C.M. 1921; Cal. Civ. C. Secs. 1246, 1247; re-en. Secs. 6954, 6955, R.C.M. 1935; R.C.M. 1947, 33-110, 33-111.

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