Montana Code Annotated 2003
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Part 5. Railroad Corporations

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69-14-501. Organization of railroad corporation.
69-14-502. Organization of board of directors.
69-14-503. Capital stock of railroad corporations.
69-14-504. Payment for stock in installments.
69-14-505. Procedure in case of delinquency in payment of installments.
69-14-506. Increase of capital stock.
69-14-507. Authorization to issue securities.
69-14-508. Amendment of certificate of incorporation.
69-14-509. Record of amendment.
69-14-510. Additional amendments permitted.
69-14-511. Authorization to consolidate railroad corporations.
69-14-512. Procedure to consolidate.
69-14-513. Lease or purchase of other railroads.
69-14-514. Interrailroad business arrangements and out-of-state operations.
69-14-515. Acceptance of federal laws by railroad.
69-14-516 through 69-14-530 reserved.
69-14-531. Authorization to operate railroad.
69-14-532. Authority to plan, lay out, and construct rail lines.
69-14-533. Authority to enter land for survey purposes.
69-14-534. Change of location or grade.
69-14-535. Crossing of roads and streams.
69-14-536. Extension of rail lines into Montana.
69-14-537. Annual work and completion of road.
69-14-538. Railroads on Indian and military reservations.
69-14-539. Connections between lines of different railroads.
69-14-540 through 69-14-550 reserved.
69-14-551. Establishment of principal office.
69-14-552. Authority to hold and transfer property.
69-14-553. Acquisition and transfer of real estate.
69-14-554. Right-of-way through canyons.
69-14-555. Judgment liens against railroad property.
69-14-556. Authorization to borrow money and secure payment.
69-14-557. State not liable for obligations of railroad.
69-14-558. Transportation of passengers and property.
69-14-559. Maintenance of hotels in parks and along lines.
69-14-560. Regulation of rates of railroad corporations.
69-14-561. Regulation of railroad equipment.
69-14-562. Regulation of safety on railroads.
69-14-563. Construction and operation of telegraph line.