in chapter number order

HB 11John WittFeed bill
HB 382Walter McNuttLimit land for public charity property tax exemption
HB 843Christine KaufmannClarify calculation of business equipment tax trigger
HB 1934Karl WaitschiesRecovery of tax benefit for charitable endowment recovered by donor
HB 1945Gary MatthewsClarify distribution of oil and gas production taxes
HB 4476Dave GallikIncrease state employee pay
SB 607John EspRevise limitation on critical access hospital beds
SB 2408Mike CooneyClarify status of existing intercap loans
HB 219Dave GallikBond validating act
HB 2710Mark NoennigRevise timing of financial reviews by historical society
HB 2911George GolieRevise definition of "short-term worker" for legislative purposes
HB 3712Carol LambertRetention of interest earned on livestock assessments in per capita fee account
HB 6613Larry JentDiscretionary credit against fine for time served if jail and fine imposed
HB 10814Kevin FureyRevise fund type for wage and hour trust fund
HB 11815Walter McNuttRevise state banking laws
SB 1416Mike CooneyRepeal capitol restoration commission
SB 2017Glenn RoushRevise law concerning municipal water rights
HB 7718Bernie OlsonIncrease septic pumper application review fees
HB 4319John MusgroveRequire oil and gas producers to itemize charges
HB 7820Christopher HarrisRevise permitting of underground storage tanks
HB 8021Margarett CampbellAllow CSED interaction with tribal IV-D programs
HB 8722John WardTransfer fleet vehicle registration to Department of Justice
HB 9023Christine KaufmannExtend domestic violence fatality review commission
HB 10124Dan VillaRevise fee for term permit for excess gross weight
HB 10725Larry JentRevise laws governing placement of art and antiquities in and on capitol complex
HB 12626Scott MendenhallRevise workers' compensation laws
HB 12727Scott MendenhallRevise definition of seriously developmentally disabled
HB 12828Larry JentRevise vacating an officer's commission for a felony
HB 16829Arlene BeckerRevise laws governing insurance guaranty association
HB 17130Jill CohenourTax filing and payment relief for active duty military
HB 17531Jill CohenourAllow insurer to withhold court order restitution for theft of WC benefits
HB 18532Christopher HarrisAuthorize joint state-federal holding of reclamation bonds
HB 19033Arlene BeckerRevise definition of victim for purpose of right to attend proceedings
HB 19534Gary MatthewsRevise laws governing farm scales
HB 20535John ParkerRequire bond forfeitures in felonies to be deposited in general fund
HB 22636Dave McAlpinChange name of sheriff's department to sheriff's office
HB 27437Jim PetersonRevise feed registration and licensing laws
HB 30038Dave GallikContinuing education for insurance adjusters
HB 38139Tim CallahanRevise work comp mediation attendance requirements
HB 1440George GolieAuthorize auction of mountain goat license
HB 2041Sue DickensonRevise eligibility criteria for admittance to school for deaf and blind
HB 2442George GolieRestrict evidence of expressions of sympathy
HB 2543Don RobertsLimit health care provider liability for other person's act or omission
HB 2644George GolieRestrict liability of health care provider for ostensible agency
HB 3945Gail GutscheRevise firearm dealer laws
HB 5046Don RobertsDFWP authority to remove species from state endangered species list
HB 5447Veronica Small-EastmanCredit card payment of taxes administered by the Department of Revenue
HB 5648Bill WardenMake fishing access enhancement program permanent
HB 6449Roy BrownStatutory criteria for expert witness in malpractice cases
HB 7950George GolieMake the Habitat Montana program permanent
HB 8151John (Jack) RossRemove termination date of supplemental game damage licenses
HB 8252John (Jack) RossRemove termination date of either-sex or antlerless elk permits for landowners
HB 8653Christine KaufmannRevise distribution procedure for Taylor grazing act revenue
HB 9754Michael LangeAdd to types of prior convictions for, and increase, 4th DUI penalty
HB 11055Kevin FureyIdentity theft passport for victims of identity theft
HB 11256John MusgroveEncourage teleworking
HB 11457John WittExtend duration of historic right-of-way on state land
HB 11658Debby BarrettRequire agency to report intended changes in budgets and program transfers
HB 13159Paul ClarkRevise fish and game felony laws
HB 13860Don RobertsRequire medical examiners board and dentistry board to use screening panels
HB 13961Dave GallikAdopt most recent version of federal military laws
HB 14462Christine KaufmannRevise integrated waste management act
HB 14763Paul ClarkAllow multiple small quarries under one operating permit
HB 15464Hal JacobsonEliminate certain annual reporting requirements for consumer loan businesses
HB 15565Debby BarrettRevise laws governing disclosure of conflict commissioner of political practices
HB 15766Joe McKenneyIndex nonforfeiture rate for insurance
HB 15867Joe McKenneyRevise and clarify income tax withholding
HB 16068Hal JacobsonRevise building code administration, enforcement provisions
HB 16169Walter McNuttRevise certain workers' compensation laws
HB 17870Janna TaylorRevise water use act
HB 18071Bob LakeRevise certain business filing procedures
HB 18372Eve FranklinMedicaid redesign: Severely emotionally disturbed children waiver proposal
HB 18473Dave McAlpinRevise library federation laws
HB 18774Bob BergrenExpand old forts trail
HB 19875Dan VillaDefine "student intern" in the context of state employment rights and benefits
HB 20776Joe McKenneyRevise definition of security for estate purposes
HB 20977Joe McKenneyCompliance with federal electronic funds transfer law as state compliance
HB 21578Mary CaferroRevise reference to developmental disabilities council
HB 22479John (Jack) RossEliminate motorcycle endorsement for operation of quadricycle
HB 24280Carol LambertAge waiver for hunting license for terminally ill youth
HB 25581Don RobertsRedefine mental disorder to include co-occurring disorders
HB 27382Carol LambertExempt rural transportation providers from PSC authority
HB 28583Janna TaylorAllow domestic violence victims to route mail through secretary of state
HB 29884Paul ClarkProvide emergency stream flow for fisheries
HB 30885Bruce MalcolmMake permanent law on temporary changes in appropriation right
HB 31286George GolieExpenditure of Smith River user fees for specific purposes
HB 31387Jon SessoExtend contract period for prerelease centers
HB 34788Gail GutscheExtend time period property can be converted or diverted from open-space land
HB 35089Edward ButcherRevise deposit amounts for state land leases
HB 35490Mark NoennigRevise mobile home landlord tenant law
HB 39791Tim DowellClarify governance for certain school districts
HB 40092Jim KeaneIncrease minimum weekly unemployment benefit
HB 40193Jim KeaneRevise crane and hoist license law
HB 43794Mary CaferroAllow TANF electronic benefit transfer
HB 43995Brady WisemanDisallow double credit for foreign income tax payment
HB 50896Gordon HendrickClarify application of VEBA
HB 55797Edward ButcherRestrict insurance required by lender
HB 56498John WittProvide for sale of MT ag center & museum of Northern Plains
HB 59899Dave GallikRevise dates applicable to selection of trial juries
HB 609100Janna TaylorLoser pays in water rights litigation
HB 612101Rick MaedjeRevise application procedures for commercial timber removal
SB 6102John EspRevise safe haven for newborn protection law
SB 8103Glenn RoushRevise terminology and procedure in workers' compensation laws
SB 9104Brent CromleyDriver's license renewal for overseas military and dependents
SB 17105Mike CooneyRevise meeting schedule for Board of Examiners
SB 23106Kim GillanSummary of IT impact for all branches of government
SB 26107Bob StoryRevise duties of revenue and transportation interim committee
SB 36108John EspDirect Code Commissioner to revise and recodify laws on title-by-title basis
SB 37109Trudi SchmidtIndemnification agreement for domestic insurers
SB 50110Dan McGeeRevise alternative energy system loan laws
SB 53111Carolyn SquiresRevise law on reduction-in-force and relocation expenses
SB 54112Carolyn SquiresClarify state mileage reimbursement rate for use of a private vehicle
SB 56113Dan McGeeRevise membership of design-build advisory board
SB 67114Brent CromleyIncrease fees for marriage license and declaration of marriage w/o solemnization
SB 69115John CobbDesignation of state poet laureate
SB 79116Joseph (Joe) TropilaTwo free sets of license plates for disabled veterans
SB 83117Glenn RoushClarify renewable energy projects eligible for renewable resource grants-loans
SB 94118Brent CromleyRevise service of process in child protective services cases
SB 99119Jeff ManganRevise deferred deposit lender act
SB 100120Jeff ManganRevise state title loan act
SB 106121John BrueggemanSimplify state recovery of centralized services costs
SB 132122Mike CooneyRepeal independent contractor exemption reporting
SB 141123Rick LaibleRevise allowable wording on a "Notarial Seal"
SB 169124Steven GallusIncrease penalties for natural gas pipeline safety violations
SB 454125Kelly GebhardtRevise requirements for add-on basis consumer loan
HB 203126Don RobertsClarify responsibility of boards and department of labor and industry
HB 370127Dave GallikRevise strip and underground mine reclamation act
HB 452128Jonathan Windy BoyImplement recommendations for redesign of health programs for Indians
HB 463129Tom FaceyIncrease and extend tax credit for postconsumer glass use
SB 24130Brent CromleyCode Commissioner bill
SB 51131Ken (Kim) HansenRevise commodity laws
SB 57132Rick LaibleClarify restriction on job corp students as district ANB
SB 64133John BrueggemanRevise contractor registration laws
SB 84134Carolyn SquiresGenerally revise gambling laws
SB 98135Joseph (Joe) TropilaMontana land information act
SB 117136Vicki CocchiarellaRevise state mortgage brokers act
SB 166137Jerry BlackRevise methamphetamine enforcement laws
SB 170138Jeff ManganFlexibility in school calendar and PIRD
SB 171139Steven GallusAuthority to hire coaches for longer duration
SB 188140Vicki CocchiarellaClarify role and responsibility of work comp adjusters
SB 189141Vicki CocchiarellaClarify conditions for work comp impairment evaluation
SB 235142Jeff ManganRevise major facility siting act
SB 243143Vicki CocchiarellaEliminate restriction on beer wholesaler subwarehouses
SB 356144Jeff EssmannModify PSC authority for protective orders
SB 16145Joseph (Joe) TropilaRestrict public service announcements by certain elected officials
SB 187146Jim ShockleyFull faith and credit for S-K tribal fish and game citations
HB 16147Rick RipleyFunding for certain nonbeneficiary students
HB 17148Rosalie (Rosie) BuzzasRevise treatment of donations to historical society
HB 32149Jill CohenourRevise vital statistics statutes
HB 34150Walter McNuttRevise nonresident turkey tag laws
HB 44151Sue DickensonExempt school for deaf and blind from nongeneral fund expenditure requirement
HB 88152Mary CaferroEliminate requirement for simplified application form for children's health prog
HB 100153Rick MaedjeRestraint of persons at search premises
HB 103154Robyn DriscollRequire notice to attorney general for appealed city attorney criminal case
HB 113155Larry JentRequire DNA samples from all felons
HB 162156Teresa HenrySchool districts to retain copies of immunization records
HB 174157John WittRevise private pond licensing laws
HB 191158Arlene BeckerClarify application of spousal privilege to certain communications
HB 196159Joey JaynePower of attorney fiduciary notice
HB 201160Rick RipleyFund natural resource damage litigation
HB 206161Art NoonanRevise controlled groundwater areas
HB 212162Jon SessoEnergy performance contracting for public buildings
HB 223163Larry JentRepeal foreign capital depository act
HB 225164Rick MaedjeClarify constitutional right to hunt
HB 234165Michael LangeProtect privacy of veterans discharge records
HB 257166Gary BranaeRevise permissible term for personal service contracts
HB 262167Michael LangeRevise municipal court judge laws
HB 269168Paul ClarkClarify recreational access to public waters upon road abandonment
HB 270169Monica LindeenRevise primary sector business workforce training program
HB 271170Monica LindeenWorkforce training supplemental appropriation
HB 275171Hal JacobsonRevise affidavit and bond for certificate of title for motor vehicles
HB 281172Pat WagmanRevise guide licensure methods
HB 306173Dave GallikMade in Montana virtual store
HB 318174Joe McKenneyRevise limited health benefit demonstration project
HB 321175Tom FaceyPark district revenue for land acquisition
HB 371176Carol LambertRevise funding mechanism for county predator control
HB 409177George GolieRevise workforce drug and alcohol testing
HB 420178Pat WagmanGive reason for denying extended family member custody of abused child
HB 427179Wanda GrindeRevise contributions to law enforcement group insurance
HB 478180Bill WardenSelective service option on driver's license application
HB 481181Monica LindeenCreate main street program
HB 507182Llew JonesAllow more compensation for clerk & recorder who is  an election administrator
HB 520183Kevin FureyExemption from minor in possession when reporting a sexual related offense
HB 555184Mary CaferroCreate parents as scholars program
HB 556185Art NoonanRevise medicaid fraud
HB 559186Bob LakeLetter of credit as security for public contracts
HB 567187Jeanne WindhamAllow unemployment benefit for quitting due to sexual offense or stalking
HB 581188Gail GutscheRevise air quality laws
HB 607189Alan OlsonRevise laws governing county treasurers
HB 624190Dan VillaHold school districts harmless for disequalized budget status
HB 631191Wayne StahlRevise surplus lines insurance law
HB 636192Wayne StahlRevise the bid threshold for municipal government contracting and bidding
HB 283193Mike JopekRevise local firefighter disability and pension funding
HB 638194Elsie ArntzenRevise barber and cosmetology law
HB 653195Arlene BeckerLimit certain claims for Montana guaranty fund
HB 660196Alan OlsonCounty treasurer notice of cash demands
HB 702197Bruce MalcolmRevise outfitter licensing laws
HB 743198Christopher HarrisClarify authority for local government to enter into certain contracts
HB 709199Holly RaserRevise chiropractic legal panel laws
SB 42200Bob KeenanClarify system of care and service area authority for children's mental health
SB 103201Brent CromleyDefine prohibited internet gambling
SB 105202John CobbExpand health care providers available at ringside
SB 129203Mike WheatState aid for public library districts
SB 130204Don RyanRevise microbusiness development program
SB 134205Mike WheatRevise captive insurance company laws
SB 135206Carolyn SquiresRevise penalty for false filing of annual statement
SB 136207Donald SteinbeisserRevise listing of farm product liens -- conform to federal law
SB 152208Don RyanDefine basic system of free quality schools
SB 162209Jeff ManganModernize county official bonding laws
SB 165210Jeff ManganRevise deferred deposit law as to rescission and arbitration
SB 178211Gregory BarkusBig game management--Landowner protection of private property
SB 254212Kelly GebhardtRevise eligibility requirements for volunteer firefighters
SB 316213Greg LindRevise reporting mechanism for medical malpractice insurers
SB 317214Greg LindRegulate conversion of health insurer from nonprofit to for-profit status
SB 359215Bob StoryRevise statutes related to school district enrollment
HB 688216Eve FranklinName Highway 3 from Great Falls to US Highway 89 at Armington for Patrick Galvin
SB 375217Mike WheatRevise venue of out-of-state railroad defendants
SB 470218Dan HarringtonCertain supreme court meetings to be open
HB 150219Kathleen Galvin-HalcroMontana flags for caskets of public officials
HB 153220Mark NoennigProtect utility assets from affiliates
HB 199221Alan OlsonRevise laws related to energy policy
HB 280222Pat WagmanRevise use of electronic proceedings for district court
HB 301223Kathleen Galvin-HalcroRevise use of Lewis & Clark license plate funds
HB 316224Tim CallahanRevise fees charged by public service commission
HB 483225Bob BergrenBinding arbitration for police officers
HB 492226Penny MorganAbandon certain highway right-of-way for certain adjoining property owners
HB 514227Gail GutscheIncrease restitution for illegal taking of grizzly bear
HB 746228Harry KlockClarify vehicle registration requirements for active duty Montanans
SB 21229Duane GrimesRestrict damages for reduced chance of patient's recovery
SB 29230Trudi SchmidtRevise exemption from public assistance eligibility
SB 32231Brent CromleyInclude minor sidewalk repair in street maintenance districts
SB 38232Trudi SchmidtDouble traffic fines in school zone
SB 39233Jeff ManganClarify application of motor vehicle laws to wheelchairs
SB 76234Jesse LaslovichAllow limited development of Lost Creek state park for camp host pad
SB 77235Ken (Kim) HansenRemove sunset on hunting access enhancement & hunter management programs
SB 95236Glenn RoushRevise oil and gas air quality permit application laws
SB 126237John BrueggemanRevise boating registration laws
SB 206238Dave LewisApply 1-1-05 pay increase to all state employees
SB 214239Kelly GebhardtClarify law on damages for trespass to take timber
SB 225240Vicki CocchiarellaRevise FDIC levels for local government
SB 244241Carolyn SquiresExclude appurtenances on certain noncommercial vehicles from width measurements
SB 264242Frank SmithProhibit arrest quotas for peace officers
SB 282243Frank SmithRevise racial profiling law
SB 286244Don RyanRevise construction payment laws
SB 298245Joseph (Joe) TropilaClarify fish production at & planting of fish from Fort Peck warm water hatchery
SB 322246Kim GillanLimit duty of physician performing independent medical exam
SB 325247Kelly GebhardtRevise material beer wholesalers may provide to retailers
SB 329248Jon TesterClarifying state's role in "Made in Montana" program
SB 335249Carol WilliamsRevise laws applicable to blind vendors
SB 347250Greg LindRevise lobbyist reporting
SB 349251Vicki CocchiarellaRequire insurer not designate rental company and direct pay for rental cars
SB 350252Vicki CocchiarellaRevise subdivision review exemptions
SB 352253Duane GrimesClarify inadmissibility of medical malpractice legal panel decisions
SB 355254Jim ShockleyRevise court reporter salaries
SB 363255Carol WilliamsRevise special education laws
SB 365256Jon EllingsonRevise laws related to universal system benefit laws
SB 368257Vicki CocchiarellaRevise subsequent injury fund criteria
SB 369258Vicki CocchiarellaLimited use license plate for dealer driving to repair shop
SB 370259Carolyn SquiresDetention officers included in sheriffs' retirement system
SB 373260Jeff EssmannRevise laws for professional employer organizations and groups
SB 410261Steven GallusRevise law on urban wildlife
SB 451262Mike WheatRevise speech-language and audiologists licensing laws
SB 457263Kelly GebhardtClarify requirements for cancellation of insurance for nonpayment of premiums
SB 460264Dan WeinbergClarify mail ballot bond election for unified school district
SB 478265Steven GallusRestrict emergency rulemaking for implementing a budget reduction
SB 479266Greg LindDirect billing for pathology services
SB 497267Joseph (Joe) TropilaRestrict liquor license locations if within 5 miles of city upon an annexation
HB 643268Tim DowellEliminate smoking in enclosed public places
SB 191269Duane GrimesChange name of state auditor to commissioner of financial industry
HB 68270Joan AndersenProhibit daycare providing medicine without parental consent
HB 105271John ParkerProviding partial payment of salary and reassignment of injured deputy sheriff
HB 140272John ParkerRevise laws on consumer credit counseling
HB 167273Gary MacLarenRevise frequency of delivery of business list to department of revenue
HB 244274Carol LambertDesignate Terry as home of Evelyn Cameron
HB 297275Brady WisemanRequire use of paper ballots in all elections
HB 307276John ParkerMoney laundering as a criminal offense
HB 326277Jim PetersonChange penalty for 2nd & subsequent methamphetamine possession conviction
HB 379278Jonathan Windy BoyFund Zortman-Landusky mine reclamation
HB 406279Bob BergrenCountry of origin placarding
HB 425280John ParkerTransfer consumer protection functions from D of Admin to Department of Justice
HB 668281Art NoonanExceptions and exemptions to prohibitions on exotic wildlife, testing facilities
HB 721282John ParkerMontana Drug Offender Accountability and Treatment Act
SB 61283Vicki CocchiarellaLegislative liaison to state fund board of directors
SB 88284Carolyn SquiresPermanent absentee voter registration
SB 299285Ken TooleRevise contracting for state services
SB 302286Jon EllingsonGenerally revise election laws
SB 324287Jon TesterPrescription drug assistance and discount programs
HB 22288Walter McNuttFunding for water adjudication
HB 67289Larry JentRevise Montana procurement act
HB 156290Teresa HenryRevise disability insurance for reciprocity
HB 295291Kathleen Galvin-HalcroProhibit expiration of gift cards and certificates
HB 363292Emelie EatonRevise misdemeanor assault with bodily fluid
HB 528293Roger KoopmanYear round beer and wine license for west Yellowstone airport
HB 628294Paul ClarkRegistration and board requirements for certain alternative schools and programs
HB 745295Gary MatthewsSupplemental appropriations
SB 1296Trudi SchmidtAuthorize living will indicator on driver's license
SB 104297Kim GillanGraduated driving privileges
SB 116298Rick LaibleRevise subdivision laws
SB 185299Jeff ManganRevise and clarify laws on impact fees
SB 255300Kelly GebhardtRevise airport zoning laws
SB 274301Gregory BarkusRevise coverage of mortgage broker law
SB 290302Jeff ManganRevise sanitation review for subdivisions
SB 412303Vicki CocchiarellaProvide for regulation of elevator contractors, mechanics, and inspectors
SB 433304Greg LindMedicaid pilot program for individuals with developmental disabilities
SB 491305Steven GallusRevise benefits and definitions in firefighters' unified retirement system
HB 396306Arlene BeckerAsthma self-medication allowed in schools
HB 6307John WittRenewable resource grants
HB 7308Tim CallahanReclamation and development grants
HB 8309John WittRenewable resource bonds and loans
HB 12310Jon SessoGeneral obligation bonds for energy conservation program
HB 30311David WanzenriedClarify legislator-elect presession payments
HB 40312Christopher HarrisExpand coverage of civil and criminal false claims against the state
HB 49313Bill WilsonRevise registration requirements for sexual and violent offenders
HB 53314Hal JacobsonConform Board of Horseracing laws to GASB
HB 55315David WanzenriedPermanent registration of trailer and semitrailer fleets
HB 70316Wayne StahlProvide nepotism exemption for certain counties
HB 73317Rosalie (Rosie) BuzzasCounty voted levy for substance abuse programs
HB 85318Christine KaufmannEliminate outdated reports from Department of Revenue to the legislature
HB 89319John WittRevise requirements for automated reporting system for gambling machines
HB 104320Ralph LenhartRevise laws governing the Teacher's Retirement System
HB 109321Larry JentTransfer capitol complex maintenance to department of administration
HB 119322George GolieMake permanent county recreational boating safety grants, boating advisory cncl
HB 142323Rick RipleyPermit issuance of grant or revenue anticipation notes for water, sewer projects
HB 169324Dave McAlpinRevise statutes related to tobacco master settlement agreement
HB 170325Bill WilsonClarify fund transfers for certain vehicle taxes and fees
HB 173326Ralph HeinertAllow use of search and rescue surcharge in fiscal year after deposit
HB 204327John WittRevise deposit of gambling machine inspection fee
HB 211328John ParkerRevise term of supreme court
HB 213329Dave GallikGenerally revise public retirement laws under MPERA
HB 299330Jack WellsLong-range building program bonds
HB 324331Robyn DriscollCrime of obstructing access to health care facility
HB 346332George GolieRevise employment restriction for retired volunteer firefighters
HB 436333Dennis HimmelbergerDeveloper option of donating land to school district
HB 440334Brady WisemanRequire locks on anhydrous ammonia storage tanks
HB 450335Mike JopekRevise state land management
HB 451336Jon SonjuAllow local government to issue Garvee bonds
HB 470337Paul ClarkApplicants to pay for certain environmental impact statements
HB 513338Holly RaserExtend tax credit for donation for developmental disabilities services
HB 522339William JonesStudy design of state dental program
HB 591340Mike JopekClarify applicability of local zoning regulations to sand and gravel operations
HB 666341Bob BergrenRevise laws related to county water and sewer districts
HB 684342Rick MaedjeRevise weight limits along Canadian border
HB 698343Michael LangeWarm water fishery enhancement program
HB 759344Roger KoopmanRevise registration rental vehicle fleets
HB 772345Tom FaceyPay travel expenses for catastrophically injured workers
SB 33346John CobbEliminate unified budget requirement for Interagency Coordinating Council
SB 62347Gary PerryClarify that contested case decision must be in writing
SB 80348Gary PerryProhibit open alcohol containers in vehicles
SB 86349Frank SmithMontana definitions for Indian Child Welfare Act
SB 110350John CobbMedicaid redesign: HIFA and 1115 demonstration waiver authority
SB 122351Mike WheatRegulate transfer of structured settlement payment rights
SB 124352Glenn RoushInterim bridge or gap financing for regional water systems
SB 127353Bob KeenanMedicaid redesign: home and community-based services
SB 140354Kelly GebhardtCreate an intrastate mutual aid system for political subdivisions of the state
SB 143355Rick LaibleAuthorize contingent transfer and appropriation from orphan share account
SB 145356Dan HarringtonRevise petroleum tank release compensation board laws
SB 160357Mike WheatRepeal legislative authority to assign holdover Senators
SB 174358Sam KitzenbergRequire examiner to administer scheduled motor vehicle driver's license exam
SB 182359Kim GillanCount absentee ballots cast by voters who die before election day
SB 207360Gary PerryElectronic monitoring of sexual offenders
SB 208361Gary PerryIncrease conviction charge to fund victim services
SB 304362Sam KitzenbergRawhide, stampede, rustlers, and rendevous trade corridor
SB 311363Duane GrimesRevise credit scoring law
SB 381364Lynda MossDefine "child" for criminal laws & revise "sexual abuse of children" law
SB 440365Dan HarringtonRequire licensure of specialty hospitals
SB 459366Joseph (Joe) TropilaTransfer motor carrier safety assistance program from justice to transportation
SB 500367John CobbRevise election laws to facilitate voting by disabled persons
HB 71368Bob LakeRevise license fees on certain mortgage brokers
HB 587369Bob BergrenRequire certain retirement benefits for a minor to be paid to a trust
SB 384370Kelly GebhardtClarify authority of Secretary of State to adopt rules to implement duties
SB 525371Jon TesterSchool funding formula study
SB 2372Rick LaibleRecognizing authority to display national motto & historical documents
SB 18373Mike WheatProvide additional judge for 18th judicial district
SB 58374Gregory BarkusRevise state bond laws
SB 70375Vicki CocchiarellaRevise notice requirements in action to quiet title to tax deed
SB 74376Bob StoryClarify eligibility of land for valuation as nonqualified agricultural land
SB 82377John CobbRevise definition of and utilization fee on ICF/DD
SB 91378Frank SmithAllocation of special wild buffalo licenses to Montana Indian tribes
SB 92379Ken TooleClarify valuation of condominiums for tax purposes
SB 93380John CobbMonthly Medicaid reports to Legislative Finance Committee
SB 118381Mike WheatRevise employment-related protection for National Guard
SB 119382Trudi SchmidtRevise child protective services laws
SB 121383Bob KeenanRevise laws governing state hospital charges for criminally convicted
SB 123384Jerry BlackRevise contractor recordkeeping for special fuels
SB 131385Jerry BlackRestrict use of MTBE as gasoline additive
SB 137386Dave LewisLicense tattoo and body-piercing businesses
SB 138387Dan WeinbergEliminate temporary attachment of Flathead Basin Commission to DNRC
SB 164388Kim GillanName segment of Highway 87 in Billings
SB 183389Rick LaibleRevise requirements for real estate agents acting as property managers
SB 196390Mike WheatProhibit order concealing public hazards
SB 197391Kelly GebhardtRevise pension benefits for volunteer firefighters
SB 231392Jesse LaslovichRevise collection laws
SB 245393Jim ElliottRevise resort area election law
SB 248394Joe BalyeatRevise penalty for no motor vehicle insurance
SB 259395Dave LewisLand transfer to public ownership requires noxious weed control plan
SB 275396Trudi SchmidtRevising voluntary genetics program; increasing program fees
SB 277397Donald SteinbeisserSpecial fuel users agricultural product temporary trip permit
SB 279398Lynda MossRevise municipal infractions
SB 288399Mike CooneyClarify use of intercap loans
SB 289400Rick LaibleExemption from city license fees or tax for certain occupations
SB 294401Bob HawksRevise SID protest periods
SB 314402Lane LarsonRevise law governing irrigation district commissioner
SB 320403Keith BalesFacilitate establishment of concentrated animal feeding operations
SB 328404Carolyn SquiresTask force in DPHHS to study prevalence, awareness, and care for cervical cancer
SB 333405Frank SmithRevise laws relating to school retirement costs from certain federal funds
SB 358406Bob KeenanAllow implementation of long-term care insurance partnerships
SB 388407Bob KeenanRestrict insurer from steering customer to certain auto repair shops
SB 406408Jim ShockleyFund civil legal assistance for indigent victims of domestic violence
SB 434409Dave LewisRevise insurance form filing and approval law
SB 435410Mike WheatRevise probate laws
SB 452411Gary PerryPenalty for violation of no contact order
SB 458412Kim GillanTime for action against municipality for land use decision
SB 466413John EspRevise mortgage and deed of trust laws
SB 472414Gary PerryRevise county jail work program
SB 480415Brent CromleyEliminate coal severance tax in-state generation incentive rate
SB 481416Vicki CocchiarellaMerge occupational diseases into Workers' Compensation  Act
SB 487417Gerald PeaseRevise laws on school bus safety
SB 498418Jerry BlackIncrease limit for loan to certain water users
SB 503419Joseph (Joe) TropilaRepeal authorization for Teton Spring Creek preserve
SB 504420Rick LaibleSpecify the use of annual attorney license tax
HB 35421Larry JentHighway patrol officer salaries and retention
SB 308422Jerry O'NeilParental advocate present when protective services discussed
SB 426423Corey StapletonYouth privacy for electronic information
SB 186424Joe BalyeatAllow certain prize contests based on size of game animals taken by hunters
SB 489425Greg LindUse orphan share fund for evaluation and remediation alternatives
HB 46426John ParkerCrime of vehicular homicide
HB 179427Bob LakeRevise 1-stop licensing program & clarify initial requirement for business name
HB 192428Karl WaitschiesRevise commercial driver's license, driver's license, and cmv laws
HB 197429Joey JayneIncrease elder abuse penalties
HB 208430Christine KaufmannRevise FWP right-of-way acquisition and property conveyance law
HB 216431Mary CaferroRevise laws concerning child support
HB 220432Bob LakeAuthorize electronic fund transfers between state and local governments
HB 230433Hal JacobsonRevise laws governing municipal subdivisions
HB 236434Verdell JacksonMake Clark Fork river basin task force permanent
HB 250435Arlene BeckerRevise privacy in communications for emergency calls
HB 254436Christopher HarrisCivil penalty for not writing legible prescriptions
HB 302437Robyn DriscollRevise code of conduct concerning bond or levy elections
HB 317438Robin HamiltonAllow school boards to meet in places other than schools
HB 332439Rosalie (Rosie) BuzzasSupplemental appropriation to fund low-income energy assistance
HB 345440Dave GallikRevise time period for fraudulent transfer statute of limitations
HB 348441Rosalie (Rosie) BuzzasRevise youth access to alcohol and provide for keg registration
HB 349442Alan OlsonRevise responsibility of law enforcement officers for intoxicated persons
HB 453443Kevin FureyAdministrative penalties for certain environmental law violations
HB 474444Rosalie (Rosie) BuzzasRevise county legal notice requirements
HB 536445Tim CallahanGenerally revise court automation surcharge
HB 590446Rosalie (Rosie) BuzzasRevise elector reactivation
HB 742447Rosalie (Rosie) BuzzasCreate registry for declarations concerning life-sustaining treatment
SB 108448Dave LewisRevise laws governing independent contractors
SB 146449Dan McGeeStatewide public defender system
SB 261450Gary PerryRevise manufactured home tax declaration process
SB 292451Gregory BarkusRevise state and local government finance laws
SB 293452Jerry BlackRevise laws related to ethanol
SB 301453Bob StoryRevise laws governing mill levies
SB 323454Jerry BlackCarryforward of contractor's gross receipts tax -- corporate income
SB 340455Jeff EssmannBuilder allowed tax credit for residential geothermal systems
SB 380456Jon TesterRegulate medical care discount cards and pharmacy discount cards
SB 415457Jon TesterExpand production and use of alternative energy
SB 507458John BrueggemanRevise motor vehicle laws
HB 4459John MusgroveAppropriations normally made by budget amendment
HB 18460Carol JuneauExtend duration of state-tribal economic development commission
HB 60461Christopher HarrisIndoor cleanup standards for methamphetamine labs
HB 63462Dan VillaSchool finance revision
HB 83463Margarett CampbellRevise school district tuition payments
HB 102464Ralph LenhartStatutory appropriation for highway patrol officers' retirement
HB 146465Dave GallikCivil false claims act
HB 159466Joe McKenneyRevise unemployment insurance laws
HB 182467Don RobertsGenerally revise professional and occupational licensing laws
HB 186468Bob BergrenClarify status of new types of vehicles
HB 188469Bob BergrenGenerally revise insurance laws
HB 214470Scott SalesAuthorize nonresident youth big game combination license
HB 235471Michael LangeEnhance hunter management laws--PL/PW recommendations
HB 266472Diane RiceImplement noxious weed trust fund
HB 288473Mark NoennigCorrections to collect supervisory fees instead of clerk of court
HB 327474George GroesbeckIncrease silicosis benefits
HB 331475David WanzenriedJoint underwriting association for medical malpractice insurance
HB 351476Edward ButcherRequire explanation of improvement arbitration
HB 374477Christopher HarrisIncrease drunk driving penalty when person under 16 was in vehicle
HB 385478Jack WellsRevise law on driver license eligibility
HB 386479John SinrudRevise laws governing commissioner of political practices
HB 395480Arlene BeckerRevise responsibility for cost of examination and detention of mental disorder
HB 411481Jack WellsClarify allocation of tobacco funds to veteran's nursing homes
HB 414482Dee BrownStatutorily appropriate unexpended juvenile delinquency funds to Supreme Court
HB 418483Jim KeaneRevise the definition of supervisory employee regarding collective bargaining
HB 421484George GolieNonresident child of resident hunting and fishing licenses
HB 423485Wayne StahlProvide funding for great plains dinosaur park in Malta
HB 428486Gail GutscheRevise laws related to enforcement of strip and underground mine reclamation
HB 429487Gail GutscheRevise laws relating to enforcement of environmental and mining laws
HB 431488Holly RaserRevise property owner protest rights on sewer projects
HB 435489Gary BranaeEstablish Governor's Postsecondary Scholarship Program
HB 438490Rosalie (Rosie) BuzzasBraille literacy services for blind or visually impaired children
HB 457491Mark NoennigRevise law governing radiologic technologists
HB 473492John ParkerExtend fire season restrictions
HB 476493Dave McAlpinIncrease marriage lic. fees for funding dom. & sex. violence victims' services
HB 484494Llew JonesMobile meat processor licensing and inspection
HB 502495Brady WisemanEliminate background check for off-premises beer and wine licenses
HB 512496John WittAppropriate federal funds for local rail freight assistance programs
HB 530497Gary MatthewsAuthorize signage for Miles City cultural heritage area
HB 537498David WanzenriedProhibit adverse use of inquiries regarding insurance coverage
HB 540499Sue DickensonBonding for higher education and other state projects
HB 541500Bill GlaserAllow motor homes 11 years old and older to be permanently registered
HB 550501Jonathan Windy BoyFund youth leadership forum for students with disabilities
HB 552502Mary CaferroChange asset test for children for medicaid
HB 574503Gary BranaeRevise level of voter approval for school bond elections
HB 577504Dave McAlpinAppropriate money to fund rape kits and examinations
HB 606505Gail GutscheCertain small miners using impoundment to store waste must obtain DEQ approval
HB 615506Christopher HarrisCreate environmental violations unit in department of justice
HB 645507Paul ClarkRevise laws governing special license plates for permanently disabled persons
HB 652508Jill CohenourAllow school buses to cross district boundaries in certain cases
HB 678509Jill CohenourRevise length limits on triple-trailer truck configuration
HB 681510Holly RaserRevise laws on school district consolidation and annexation
HB 687511Scott MendenhallRevise laws governing tobacco
HB 696512Joey JayneClarify ethnic, cultural, and religious maintenance in child removal from home
HB 701513Mark NoennigRevise estate and trust law
HB 704514Jonathan Windy BoyTime requirements for certain DPHHS actions involving long-term care facilities
HB 707515George GroesbeckRevise compensation for FWP license agents
HB 720516John SinrudRegulatory certainty for land use
HB 726517Gail GutscheRevise law on community corrections to allow day reporting
HB 732518Don RobertsStop identity theft
HB 737519Walter McNuttRevise laws governing physician assistants
HB 738520Christine KaufmannAdvisory commission on provider rates and services
HB 747521Robyn DriscollLimit liability for student construction projects
HB 748522Jack WellsGeneral obligation bonds for water resource projects
HB 749523Rick RipleyRevise nursing home bed tax
HB 756524Gail GutscheEncourage production and use of biodiesel
HB 776525Holly RaserRevise law on taxation of biodiesel and provide incentives
HB 782526Walter McNuttRequire issue remarks to be resolved before issuing final decree
HB 790527Jim PetersonInterim study on split estates and coal bed methane reclamation and bonding
HB 802528Alan OlsonEliminate annual permit surcharge fee for video gambling machines
SB 40529Dan McGeeAllow for petition by property owners to create RSID -- waive protest
SB 41530Bob KeenanMedicaid redesign: funding principles
SB 48531Dan HarringtonStop class 8 property tax reduction
SB 68532Joe BalyeatRecodify property tax exemption laws
SB 75533Dan HarringtonProperty tax appeal procedure if county board fails to hear in timely manner
SB 81534Corey StapletonRevise National Guard Civil Relief Act
SB 85535Carolyn SquiresIncome tax checkoff for renal dialysis
SB 87536Jim ElliottClarify appeal and payment of protested taxes for centrally assessed property
SB 133537Jeff ManganCapital formation act for venture capital
SB 217538Lane LarsonRevise apprentice training laws
SB 222539Gregory BarkusRevise local option fuel tax
SB 271540Jim ElliottAdjust guaranteed tax base for property tax protests
SB 278541Jerry BlackCPA practice across jurisdiction equivalency
SB 285542Bob StoryOrganize and simplify motor vehicle laws
SB 296543Jerry BlackAlternative method for assessing, taxing certain land parcels
SB 326544Jesse LaslovichRevise law on excavation near underground utility facility
SB 345545Jeff ManganRevise tax increment financing district laws
SB 407546Duane GrimesRevise minor in possession law
SB 423547Jesse LaslovichRevise ignition interlock laws
SB 428548Corey Stapleton211 - disaster, emergency, safety, health, human service referral phone service
SB 432549John BrueggemanRevise family education savings program
SB 442550Mike CooneyRepeal POINTS replacement fee
SB 477551Jim ElliottPer diem rate for persons in state portion of regional correctional facility
SB 486552Vicki CocchiarellaRevise viatical settlement law
SB 499553Bob KeenanRevise public mental health system laws
SB 524554Mike CooneyRevise date of valuation of certain classes of property
HB 218555Bernie OlsonRevise laws on mosquito control districts
HB 272556Carol LambertHalf-priced hunting licenses to certain disabled veterans
HB 367557John ParkerRevise laws to reflect Justice Courts as a court of record
HB 529558Christine KaufmannProviding for child support pass-through payment and income
SB 276559Keith BalesRevise taxes on bentonite
HB 5560Jack WellsLong-range building appropriations
SB 107561Frank SmithClarify conditions requiring agricultural chemical groundwater management plans
SB 114562Jon TesterPenalty for unauthorized insurance transactions
SB 115563Jon TesterEquitable taxation of wind energy facilities
SB 139564John EspReview and modification of child support orders
SB 154565John CobbLimit CHIP administrative and reserve costs
SB 167566Jeff ManganTechnology districts -- tax increment financing
SB 175567Brent CromleyAllow zoning classification as street maintenance assessment method
SB 212568John EspRevise allocation and distribution of federal mineral leasing funds
SB 213569Bob StoryRevise recycling laws
SB 224570Jesse LaslovichAllow off-site educational services
SB 260571Gary PerryConfirmation of written decision to oral pronouncement -- contested cases
SB 287572Trudi SchmidtRegulate sale of ephedrine, pseudoephedrine; meth watch program
SB 339573Joe BalyeatProvide low-cost sports licenses for active military personnel
SB 342574Jesse LaslovichAlternative project delivery contract process for construction projects
SB 401575Jesse LaslovichRevise UCC
SB 443576Glenn RoushAuto insurance premium reductions for certain national guard and reservists
SB 445577Dan McGeeAuthorize tuition waiver for qualified national guard members
SB 461578Donald SteinbeisserWolf collaring near livestock or population center
HB 9579John WittCultural and aesthetic grant appropriations
HB 11580Walter McNuttTreasure state endowment appropriation
HB 28581David WanzenriedReserve funds for large-scale IT and equipment for Legislature
HB 45582Alan OlsonRevise sick leave laws
HB 99583Michael LangePenalty for driving when license suspended or revoked for DUI or test refusal
HB 115584Walter McNuttGenerally revise property tax exemption laws
HB 172585Jill CohenourRevise certain resident & nonresident hunting and fishing license fees
HB 177586Alan OlsonRevise election procedure
HB 227587Kathleen Galvin-HalcroRevising deferral of property taxes for active military personnel
HB 249588Monica LindeenEconomic development trust fund
HB 482589Monica LindeenRevise allocation of funds to coal tax shared account
HB 493590Art NoonanRevise aerospace technology bond program
HB 517591Brady WisemanProvide for issuance of a Montana distillery license
HB 535592Llew JonesRevise taxation of stripper well production
HB 584593Christopher HarrisPromote growth of film and other media in Montana
HB 592594Karl WaitschiesStandardize penalty and interest calculations for taxes
HB 667595David WanzenriedPurchasing pools, tax credit for health insurance
HB 671596John MusgroveGenerally revise motor vehicle law
HB 689597Elsie ArntzenClawback provision for tax abatements
HB 700598Scott MendenhallRevise allocation and use of metal mines license tax
HB 713599Eve FranklinFund national guard and military mission assessment and promotion
HB 728600Michael LangeCreate state veterans' cemetery in Yellowstone Co., revise funding of program
HB 740601Ralph HeinertAppropriate money for asbestos-disease related programs
HB 757602Llew JonesRevolving loan account for rehabilitation of railroad branch lines
HB 758603Walter McNuttOil, gas, and coal natural resource account fund
HB 761604Art NoonanLife insurance premium reimbursement for members of national guard/reserve
HB 769605George GolieCreating the rail service competition council
SB 120606Bob KeenanExtend hospital tax on inpatient bed days
HB 2607John WittGeneral appropriations act
HJ 1 Eve FranklinSupport substance abuse prevention efforts
HJ 3 Verdell JacksonUrge negotiations for availability and cost of water stored in Hungry Horse dam
HJ 4 Jim PetersonUrge management of water levels at Fort Peck
HJ 5 Veronica Small-EastmanUrge USDA to refer to beef industry as United States beef industry
HJ 6 Jonathan Windy BoyUrge USDA to locate rural development satellite offices in rural Montana
HJ 7 Veronica Small-EastmanUrge Congress to restrict border opening until BSE is controlled
HJ 10 Hal JacobsonStudy fire-related statutes for suppression and mitigation
HJ 11 Jonathan Windy BoyUrge cooperation between state, federal & tribal agricultural research programs
HJ 12 Robin HamiltonEncourage construction of roundabouts
HJ 13 Paul ClarkUrge repeal of federal lands enhancement act
HJ 15 Carol JuneauStudy sentencing equity
HJ 16 George GroesbeckUrge support for hypersonic wind tunnel in Butte
HJ 17 Dave McAlpinUrge physical activity to enhance health
HJ 18 Dennis HimmelbergerUrge support for access to public land
HJ 19 Gary MatthewsUrge use of wood bats in American Legion baseball
HJ 22 Jim PetersonResolution on bison management
HJ 24 Bob BergrenCommemorate Lewis and Clark bicentennial
HJ 26 Christopher HarrisStudy state financial reliance on fed funds; implications of fed budget deficits
HJ 29 Diane RiceResolution re wolf management plan and predator control laws
HJ 30 Don RobertsStudy FWP licenses, permits, and landowner incentives
HJ 32 Jon SessoUrge review of rules on provider payments
HJ 33 Alan OlsonStudy contract timber harvesting
HJ 34 Jill CohenourInterim study on impacts of super fund sites on surrounding communities
HJ 36 Rick RipleyStudy resource indemnity trust funding and allocation
HJ 41 Margarett CampbellStudy economic development in Indian country
HJ 42 Larry JentStudy investment of pension funds
HJ 43 Jim PetersonResolution to study the classification and valuation of agricultural land
HJ 44 Alan OlsonStudy taxation of oil & gas production, equipment, and transmission pipelines
HJ 45 Dennis HimmelbergerStudy funding for wireless enhanced 911
HR 1 John ParkerHouse rules
HR 2 Jon SonjuUrge opposition to federal requirements for birth certificates
SJ 1 Jon EllingsonJoint rules
SJ 4 John CobbUrge review and adoption of tribal secured transaction codes
SJ 6 Mike WheatStudy legal services for low and moderate income Montanans
SJ 7 Dan WeinbergUrge comprehensive binational assessment of Flathead-Kootenai watersheds
SJ 9 Jon TesterRequesting federal funds for St. Mary's project
SJ 11 Rick LaibleStudy subdivision review process
SJ 12 Sam KitzenbergResolution promoting civic education in schools
SJ 13 Jon TesterUrge Taiwan to have participation in world health organization
SJ 14 Joseph (Joe) TropilaComprehensive review of state active duty process
SJ 17 Greg LindEncourage renewable energy development
SJ 19 Jim ElliottResolution on the USA PATRIOT Act
SJ 20 Aubyn CurtissRequest performance audit on extent of conservation easements
SJ 21 Glenn RoushUrge continuation of Amtrak passenger rail service
SJ 22 Gerald PeaseUrge passage of well-funded highway bill
SJ 23 Jim ElliottUrge federal trade negotiators to consult with Montana officials
SJ 24 Gregory BarkusDesignate Rotary day
SJ 26 Aubyn CurtissUrge support for Libby asbestos victims
SJ 27 Dan HarringtonUrge opposition to federal tort reform legislation for asbestos victims
SJ 28 Carolyn SquiresPain management resolution
SJ 29 Jesse LaslovichDesignate miner's day
SJ 30 Dan WeinbergUrge maintaining integrity of Medicaid program
SJ 31 Aubyn CurtissBonneville power resolution
SJ 35 Vicki CocchiarellaStudy professional and occupational licensing boards
SJ 36 Ken TooleStudy distributed energy generation
SJ 37 Carol WilliamsStudy child protection system
SJ 38 Vicki CocchiarellaStudy issues related to identity theft
SJ 39 Ken TooleStudy possible creation of ongoing energy planning and coordinating entity
SJ 40 Trudi SchmidtStudy delivery of prosecution services
SJ 41 Dan WeinbergStudy mental health crisis response system
SJ 42 Don RyanRecognize service of Montana national guard members
SR 1 Jon EllingsonSenate rules resolution
SR 3 Sam KitzenbergUrge widening of road from Scobey to Wolf Point
SR 4 Carolyn SquiresConfirmation for medical occupations
SR 5 Carolyn SquiresConfirmation of other occupations
SR 6 Carolyn SquiresConfirmation of natural resource and recreation positions
SR 7 Carolyn SquiresConfirmation of education and cultural appointees
SR 8 Carolyn SquiresConfirmation of general government and judicial appointees
SR 9 Carolyn SquiresConfirm Ms. Kala French as a member of the Board of Regents of Higher Education
SR 10 Carolyn SquiresConfirm Mike Foster as member of Board of Regents of Higher Education
SR 11 Carolyn SquiresConfirm Roberta Threet as a member of the Board of Nursing
SR 13 Carolyn SquiresConfirm Gov. Schweitzer's department directors and NW Power Planning nominees
SR 14 Carolyn SquiresConfirm Doctor Wynia
SR 15 Mike CooneyConfirm Shane Colton
SR 16 Mike CooneyConfirm certain gubernatorial appointments
SR 17 Carolyn SquiresConfirm certain governor's appointees
SR 18 Carolyn SquiresConfirm governor's appointments
SR 19 Carolyn SquiresConfirm certain appointments