Montana Code Annotated 2005
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Part 2. Tax-Exempt Property

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15-6-201. Governmental, charitable, and educational categories -- exempt property.
15-6-202. Freeport merchandise and business inventories exemption.
15-6-203. Veterans' clubhouse exemption -- incompetent veterans' trusts.
15-6-204. Money and credits exemption.
15-6-205. State water conservation projects exempt.
15-6-206. Irrigation and drainage facilities -- when exempt.
15-6-207. Agricultural producer exemptions -- products -- unused beet equipment -- low-value buildings, implements, and machinery.
15-6-208. Mineral exemptions -- small coal or metal mines producer -- travertine -- bentonite.
15-6-209. Community services buildings exempt.
15-6-210. Repealed.
15-6-211. Certain disabled or deceased veterans' residences exempt.
15-6-212. Repealed.
15-6-213. Down-hole equipment in oil and gas wells exempt.
15-6-214. Terminated.
15-6-215. Exemption for motion picture and television commercial property.
15-6-216. Exemption of improvements made to commercial buildings to remove barriers to persons with disabilities.
15-6-217. Exemption for vehicle of certain health care professionals.
15-6-218. Intangible personal property exemption.
15-6-219. Personal and other property exemptions.
15-6-220. Agricultural processing facilities exemption -- canola -- malting barley -- industrial dairy -- ethanol.
15-6-221. Exemption for rental housing providing affordable housing to lower-income tenants.
15-6-222. Residential and commercial improvements -- percentage of value exempt.
15-6-223. Timber exemption.
15-6-224. Nonfossil energy generation.
15-6-225. Small electrical generation equipment exemption.
15-6-226. Terminated.
15-6-227. Property on railroad land leased by nonprofit organizations.
15-6-228. Property subject to registration fee.