Montana Code Annotated 2005
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Part V. General Provisions

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Rule 19. Record of commissions and oaths.
Rule 20. Filing and service.
Rule 21. Computation and extension of time.
Rule 22. Motions.
Rule 23. Briefs.
Rule 24. Brief of an amicus curiae.
Rule 25. The appendix to the briefs.
Rule 26. Filing and service of briefs.
Rule 27. Form of briefs and other papers -- duplication.
Rule 28. Prehearing conference.
Rule 29. Oral argument.
Rule 30. Entry and notice of orders.
Rule 31. Interest on judgments.
Rule 32. Damages for appeal without merit.
Rule 33. Costs in civil cases.
Rule 34. Petitions for rehearing.
Rule 35. Notice and copy of decision -- remittitur -- mandate from United States supreme court.
Rule 36. Voluntary dismissal.
Rule 37. Substitution of parties in civil cases.
Rule 38. Cases involving constitutional questions where the state is not a party.
Rule 39. Calendar -- withdrawal of records.
Rule 40. Appeals from injunction orders.
Rule 41. Renumbered Rule 51.
Rule 42. Renumbered Rule 52.
Rule 43. Renumbered Rule 53.
Rule 44. Certification of questions of law.
Rule 45. through 50 reserved.
Rule 51. Statutes and rules amended.
Rule 52. Applicability in general.
Rule 53. Title -- effective date -- statutes superseded.
Rule 54. Mandatory appellate alternative dispute resolution procedures.
Forms. Appendix of Forms to Rule 54, Montana Rules of Appellate Procedure