Montana Code Annotated 2009

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     33-20-209. Determination of nonforfeiture values for special plans. For a plan of life insurance that provides for future premium determination the amounts of which are to be determined by the insurer based on then estimates of future experience or for a plan of life insurance that is of such a nature that minimum values cannot be determined by the methods described in 33-20-204 through 33-20-208:
     (1) the commissioner must be satisfied that the benefits provided under the plan are substantially as favorable to policyholders and insureds as the minimum benefits otherwise required by 33-20-204 through 33-20-208;
     (2) the commissioner must be satisfied that the benefits and the pattern of premiums of that plan are not such as to mislead prospective policyholders or insureds; and
     (3) the cash surrender values and paid-up nonforfeiture benefits provided by such plan may not be less than the minimum values and benefits required for the plan computed by a method consistent with the principles of this part, as determined by rules promulgated by the commissioner.

     History: En. Sec. 7, Ch. 498, L. 1983.

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