Montana Code Annotated 2009

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Part 1. General Administration

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81-2-101. Authority of department agents.
81-2-102. Powers of department.
81-2-103. Adoption of rules.
81-2-104. Rules -- agreement with federal government.
81-2-105. Authority of municipal corporations.
81-2-106. Cooperation by public officers.
81-2-107. Duty to report contagious diseases.
81-2-108. Diseased animals not to run at large -- burial of carcasses.
81-2-109. Expenses, how paid -- lien and foreclosure.
81-2-110. Expense of cleaning and disinfecting carriers' facilities.
81-2-111. Injunctive remedies.
81-2-112. Prohibition by governor on importation of animals from localities where disease exists -- penalty.
81-2-113. Penalty.
81-2-114. Civil liability.
81-2-115. through reserved.
81-2-120. Management of wild buffalo or bison for disease control.
81-2-121. Taking of publicly owned wild buffalo or bison that are present on private property -- notice -- supplemental feeding -- penalty.