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2011 Rules -- House

H10-10. House officers -- definitions.
H10-20. Speaker's duties.
H10-30. Speaker-elect.
H10-40. Speaker pro tempore duties.
H10-50. Majority Leader.
H10-60. Majority Whip.
H10-70. Minority Leader.
H10-80. Minority Whip.
H10-90. Employees.
H10-100. Chief Clerk's duties.
H10-110. Duties of Sergeant-at-Arms.
H10-120. Legislative aides.
H10-130. Legislative interns.
H10-140. House journal.
H10-150. Votes recorded and public.
H10-160. Duration of legislative day.
H20-10. Addressing the House -- recognition.
H20-20. Questions of order and privilege -- appeal -- restrictions.
H20-30. Limits on lobbying.
H20-40. Admittance to the House floor.
H20-50. Dilatory motions or questions -- appeal.
H20-60. Lobbying by employees -- sanctions.
H20-70. Papers distributed on desks -- exception.
H20-80. Violation of rules -- procedure -- appeal.
H30-10. House standing committees -- appointments -- classification.
H30-20. Chairman's duties.
H30-30. Quorum -- officers as members.
H30-40. Meetings -- purpose -- notice -- minutes.
H30-50. Procedures -- absentee or proxy voting -- member privileges.
H30-60. Public testimony -- decorum -- time restrictions.
H40-10. Introduction deadlines.
H40-20. House resolutions.
H40-30. Cosponsors.
H40-40. Introduction -- receipt -- messages from Senate and elected officials.
H40-50. First reading -- receipt of Senate legislation.
H40-60. One reading per day -- exception.
H40-70. Referral.
H40-80. Rereferral -- normal progression.
H40-90. Legislation withdrawn from committee.
H40-100. Standing committee reports -- requirement for rejection of adverse committee report.
H40-110. Consent calendar procedure.
H40-120. Legislation requiring other than a majority vote.
H40-130. Amending House second and third reading agendas -- vote requirements.
H40-140. Second reading -- timing -- obverse vote on failed motion -- status of amendments -- rejection of report -- segregation.
H40-150. Amendments in the Committee of the Whole -- timing -- official records.
H40-160. Motions in the Committee of the Whole -- quorum required.
H40-170. Limits on debate in the Committee of the Whole.
H40-180. Special provisions for debate on the general appropriations bill -- sections -- amendments.
H40-190. Engrossing.
H40-200. Third reading.
H40-210. Senate legislation in the House.
H40-220. Senate amendments to House legislation.
H40-230. Conference committee reports.
H40-240. Enrolling.
H40-250. Governor's amendments.
H40-260. Governor's veto.
Floor Actions
H50-10. Attendance -- excuse -- call of the House.
H50-20. Quorum.
H50-30. Call of the House without a quorum.
H50-40. Call of the House with a quorum.
H50-50. Leave with cause during call of the House.
H50-60. Opening and order of business.
H50-70. Motions.
H50-80. Limits on debate of debatable motions.
H50-90. Nondebatable motions.
H50-100. Questions.
H50-110. Amending motions -- limitations.
H50-120. Substitute motions.
H50-130. Withdrawing motions.
H50-140. Dividing a question.
H50-150. Previous question -- close.
H50-160. Questions requiring other than a majority vote.
H50-170. Reconsideration -- time restriction.
H50-180. Renewing procedural motions.
H50-190. Tabling.
H50-200. Voting -- conflict of interest -- present by electronic means.
H50-210. Changing a vote -- consent required.
H50-220. Absentee votes -- restrictions.
H50-230. Recess.
H50-240. Adjournment for a legislative day.
H50-250. Adjournment sine die.
H60-10. Proposal for consideration.
H60-20. Nondebatable motions.
H60-30. Motions allowed during debate.
H60-40. Motions to adjourn or recess.
H60-50. Motion to table.
H60-60. Motion to postpone.
H60-70. Motion to refer.
H60-80. Terms of debate on motion to refer or rerefer.
H60-100. Moving the previous question after a motion to table.
H60-110. Standard motions.
H70-10. House rules -- amendment -- report timing.
H70-20. Tenure of rules.
H70-30. Suspension of rules.
H70-40. Supplementary rules.
H70-50. Interpreting rules -- appeal.
H70-60. Joint rules superseded.

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