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2011 Rules -- House

   House Rule H30-10. House standing committees -- appointments -- classification. (1) The Speaker shall determine the total number of members and after good faith consultation with the minority leader shall appoint the chairs, vice chairs, and members to the standing committees.
   (2) The standing committees of the House are as follows:
   (a) class one committees:
   (i) Appropriations;
   (ii) Business and Labor;
   (iii) Judiciary;
   (iv) State Administration; and
   (v) Taxation;
   (b) class two committees:
   (i) Education;
   (ii) federal Relations, Energy, and Telecommunications;
   (iii) Human Services;
   (iv) Natural Resources; and
   (v) Transportation;
   (c) class three committees:
   (i) Agriculture;
   (ii) Fish, Wildlife, and Parks; and
   (iii) Local Government; and
   (d) on call committees:
   (i) Ethics;
   (ii) Rules; and
   (iii) Legislative Administration.
   (3) A class 1 committee is scheduled to meet Monday through Friday. A class 2 committee is scheduled to meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. A class 3 committee is scheduled to meet Tuesday and Thursday. Unless a class is prescribed for a committee, it meets upon the call of the chair.
   (4) The Legislative Council shall review the workload of the standing committees to determine if any change is indicated in the class of a standing committee for the next legislative session. The Legislative Council's recommendations must be submitted to the leadership nominated or elected at the presession caucus provided for in 5-2-201.
   (5) There will be six subcommittees of the Committee on Appropriations, Education, General Government and Transportation, Health and Human Services, Natural Resources, Corrections, and Long-Range Planning. Each member serving on the Appropriations Committee must be appointed to at least one of the subcommittees.
   (6) The Speaker shall give notice of each appointment to the Chief Clerk for publication.
   (7) The Speaker may, in the Speaker's discretion or as authorized by the House, create and appoint select committees, designating the chairman and vice chairman of the select committee. Select committees may request or receive legislation in the same manner as a standing committee and are subject to the rules of standing committees.

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