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2011 Rules -- House

   House Rule H40-180. Special provisions for debate on the general appropriations bill -- sections -- amendments. (1) The Appropriations Committee chairman, in presenting the bill, is not subject to the 5-minute speaking limitation.
   (2) Each appropriations subcommittee chairman shall fully present the chairman's portion of the bill. A subcommittee chairman is not subject to the 5-minute speaking limitation.
   (3) After the presentation by the subcommittee chairman, the respective section of the bill is open for debate, questions, and amendments. A proposed amendment to the general appropriations act may not be divided.
   (4) An amendment that affects more than one section of the bill must be offered when the first section affected is considered.
   (5) Following completion of the debate on each section, that section is closed and may not be reopened except by majority vote.
   (6) If a member moves to reopen a section for amendment, only the amendment of that member may be entertained. Another member wishing to amend the same section shall make a separate motion to reopen the section.
   (7) Debate on the motion to reopen a section is limited to the question of reopening the section. The amendment itself may not be debated at that time. This limitation does not prohibit the member from explaining the amendment to be considered.

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