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2011 Joint Rules

   Joint Rule 10-130. Bills -- sponsorship -- style -- format -- withdrawal prohibited. (1) A bill must be sponsored by a member of the Legislature.
   (2) A bill must be:
   (a) printed on paper with numbered lines;
   (b) numbered at the foot of each page (except page 1);
   (c) backed with a page of substantial material that includes spaces for notations for tracking the progress of the bill; and
   (d) introduced. Introduction constitutes the first reading of the bill.
   (3) In a section amending an existing statute, matter to be stricken out must be indicated with a line through the words or part to be deleted, and new matter must be underlined.
   (4) Sections of the Montana Code Annotated repealed or amended in a bill must be stated in the title.
   (5) Introduced bills must be reproduced on white paper and distributed to members.
   (6) An introduced bill may not be withdrawn.

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