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2011 Joint Rules

   Joint Rule 30-30. Conference committees -- subject matter restrictions. (1) If either house requests a conference committee and appoints a committee for the purpose of discussing an amendment on which the two houses cannot agree, the other house shall appoint a committee for the same purpose. The time and place of all conference committee meetings must be agreed upon by their chairs and announced from the rostrum. This announcement is in order at any time. Failure to make this announcement does not affect the validity of the legislation being considered. A conference committee meeting must be conducted as an open meeting, and minutes of the meeting must be kept.
   (2) A conference committee, having conferred, shall report to the respective houses the result of its conference. A conference committee shall confine itself to consideration of the disputed amendment. The committee may recommend:
   (a) acceptance or rejection of each disputed amendment in its entirety; or
   (b) further amendment of the disputed amendment.
   (3) If either house requests a free conference committee and the other house concurs, appointments must be made in the same manner as provided in subsection (1). A free conference committee may discuss and propose amendments to a bill in its entirety and is not confined to a particular amendment. However, a free conference committee is limited to consideration of amendments that are within the scope of the title of the introduced bill.

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