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2011 Joint Rules

   Joint Rule 40-50. Schedules for drafting requests and bill introduction. (1) The following schedule must be followed for submission of drafting requests.

Request Deadline

5:00 P.M.

Legislative Day

General Bills and Resolutions

Revenue Bills

Committee Bills and Resolutions

Committee Revenue Bills and Bills Proposing Referenda

Committee Bills implementing provisions
  of a general appropriation act

Interim study resolutions

Appropriation Bills
No Deadline

Resolutions to express confirmation of
No Deadline

Bills repealing or directing the amendment
  or adoption of administrative rules
  joint resolutions advising or requesting
  the repeal, amendment, or adoption of
  administrative rules
No Deadline

   (2) Bills and resolutions must be introduced within 2 legislative days after delivery. Failure to comply with the introduction deadline results in the bill draft being canceled.

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