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2011 Rules -- Senate

   Senate Rule S30-50. Chair's duties. (1) The chair of a committee is the presiding officer of that committee and is responsible for:
   (a) maintaining order within the committee room and its environs;
   (b) scheduling hearings and executive action;
   (c) supervising committee work, including the appointment of subcommittees to act on a formal or informal basis; and
   (d) authenticating committee reports by signing them and submitting them promptly to the Secretary of the Senate. The chair shall sign business reports reflecting action taken in each committee meeting that enable the preparation of committee minutes. The minutes must be printed on archival paper.
   (2) The Secretary of the Senate shall arrange to have the minutes copied in an electronic format. An electronic copy will be provided to the Legislative Services Division and the State Law Library of Montana. The archival paper copy must be delivered to the Montana Historical Society.

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