Montana Code Annotated 2011

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Part 1. General Provisions

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2-15-101. Declaration of policy and purpose.
2-15-102. Definitions.
2-15-103. Policymaking authority and administrative powers of governor.
2-15-104. Structure of executive branch.
2-15-105. Attorney general, state auditor, superintendent of public instruction, and secretary of state -- powers as department heads.
2-15-106. and reserved.
2-15-108. Gender and racial balance -- report to legislature.
2-15-109. and reserved.
2-15-111. Appointment and qualifications of department heads.
2-15-112. Duties and powers of department heads.
2-15-113. Prior right of department head to agencies and records.
2-15-114. Security responsibilities of departments for data.
2-15-115. Notice of estimated turnaround time on application for permit or license.
2-15-116. through reserved.
2-15-121. Allocation for administrative purposes only.
2-15-122. Creation of advisory councils.
2-15-123. Administratively created agencies -- prohibition.
2-15-124. Quasi-judicial boards.
2-15-125. Future agencies and functions.
2-15-126. Terminated.
2-15-127. Terminated.
2-15-128. Terminated.
2-15-129. reserved.
2-15-130. Compliance with Military Selective Service Act required for employment -- rulemaking.
2-15-131. Rights of state personnel.
2-15-132. Rights to property.
2-15-133. Rules and orders.
2-15-134. Legal proceedings.
2-15-135. Rights and duties under existing transactions.
2-15-136. References.
2-15-137. Federal aid.
2-15-138. through reserved.
2-15-141. Definitions.
2-15-142. Guiding principles.
2-15-143. Training and consultation.
2-15-144. through reserved.
2-15-149. Naming of sites and geographic features -- replacement of word "squaw" -- advisory group.
2-15-150. Terminated.
2-15-151. Lewis and Clark bicentennial license plates -- authorization to apply as sponsor -- use of proceeds.
2-15-152. through reserved.
2-15-155. State agency board, committee, commission, or advisory council member information to be published.