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2013 Rules -- House

   House Rule H20-20. Questions of order and privilege -- appeal -- restrictions. (1) The Speaker shall decide all questions of order and privilege, subject to an appeal by any representative seconded by two representatives. The question on appeal is, "Shall the decision of the chairman be sustained?".
   (2) Responses to parliamentary inquiries and decisions of recognition may not be appealed.
   (3) Questions of order and privilege, in order of precedence, are:
   (a) those affecting the collective rights, safety, dignity, and integrity of the House; and
   (b) those affecting the rights, reputation, and conduct of individual representatives.
   (4) A member may not address the House on a question of privilege between the time:
   (a) an undebatable motion is offered and the vote is taken on the motion;
   (b) the previous question is ordered and the vote is taken on the proposition included under the previous question; or
   (c) a motion to lay on the table is offered and the vote is taken on the motion.

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