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2013 Rules -- House

   House Rule H20-80. Violation of rules -- procedure -- appeal. (1) If a member, in speaking or otherwise, violates the rules of the House, the Speaker shall, or the majority or minority leader may, call the member to order, in which case the member called to order must be seated immediately.
   (2) The member called to order may move for an appeal to the House and if the motion is seconded by two members, the matter must be submitted to the House for determination by majority vote. The motion is nondebatable.
   (3) If the decision of the House is in favor of the member called to order, the member may proceed. If the decision is against the member, the member may not proceed.
   (4) If a member is called to order, the matter may be referred to the Rules Committee by the majority or minority leader. The Committee may recommend to the House that the member be censured or be subject to other action. The House shall act upon the recommendation of the Committee.

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