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2013 Rules -- House

   House Rule H30-20. Chairman's duties. (1) The principal duties of the chairman of standing or select committees are to:
   (a) preside over meetings of the committee and to put all questions;
   (b) maintain order and decide all questions of order subject to appeal to the committee;
   (c) supervise and direct staff of the committee;
   (d) have the committee secretary keep the official record of the minutes;
   (e) sign reports of the committee and submit them promptly to the Chief Clerk;
   (f) appoint subcommittees to perform on a formal or an informal basis as provided in subsection (2); and
   (g) inform the Speaker of committee activity.
   (2) With the exception of the House Appropriations subcommittees, a subcommittee of a standing committee may be appointed by the chairman of the committee. The chairman of the standing committee shall
appoint the chairman of the subcommittee.

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