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2013 Rules -- House

   House Rule H40-80. Rereferral -- Appropriations Committee rereferral -- normal progression. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), legislation that is in the possession of the House and that has not been finally disposed of may be rereferred to a House committee by House motion approved by not less than three-fifths of the members present and voting.
   (2) (a) Legislation that is in the possession of the House and that has been reported from a committee with a do pass or be concurred in recommendation may be rereferred to a House committee by a majority vote.
   (b) (i) With the consent of the majority leader, the minority leader, and the bill sponsor, legislation that has passed second reading in the Committee of the Whole and that has been rereferred to the Appropriations Committee pursuant to H40-80(2)(a) and is reported from committee without amendments may be placed on third reading.
   (ii) Prior to being placed on third reading, legislation rereferred pursuant to H40-80(2)(b)(i) must be sent to be processed and reproduced as a third reading version and specifically marked as having been passed on second reading and rereferred to the House Appropriations Committee and reported from the committee without amendments.
   (3) The normal progress of legislation through the House consists of the following steps in the order listed: introduction; referral to a standing or select committee; a report from the committee; second reading; and third reading.

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