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2013 Rules -- House

   House Rule H50-170. Reconsideration -- time restriction. (1) Any representative may, within 1 legislative day of a vote, move to reconsider the House vote on any matter still within the control of the House.
   (2) A motion to reconsider is a debatable motion, but the debate is limited to the motion. The debate on a motion to reconsider is limited to two proponents and two opponents to the motion and the debate may not address the substance of the matter for which reconsideration is sought. However, an inquiry may be made concerning the purpose of the motion to reconsider.
   (3) A motion for reconsideration, unless tabled or replaced by a substitute motion, must be disposed of when made.
   (4) When a motion for reconsideration fails, the question is finally settled. A motion for reconsideration may not be renewed or reconsidered.
   (5) A motion to recall legislation from the Senate constitutes a motion to reconsider and is subject to the same rules.
   (6) A motion for reconsideration is not in order on a vote to postpone to a day certain or to table legislation.
   (7) There may be only one reconsideration vote on a specific issue on a legislative day.

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