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2013 Rules -- Senate

   Senate Rule S30-80. Public testimony -- decorum -- time restrictions. (1) Testimony from proponents, opponents, and informational witnesses must be allowed on every bill or resolution before a standing or select committee. All persons, other than the sponsor, offering testimony shall register on the committee witness list.
   (2) Any person wishing to offer testimony to a committee hearing a bill or resolution must be given a reasonable opportunity to do so, orally or in writing, subject to time constraints. Written testimony may not be required of any witness, but all witnesses must be encouraged to submit a statement in writing for the committee's official record.
   (3) The chair may order the committee room cleared of visitors if there is disorderly conduct. During committee meetings, visitors may not speak unless called upon by the chair. Restrictions on time available for testimony may be announced.
   (4) The number of people in a committee room may not exceed the maximum posted by the State Fire Marshall. The chair shall maintain that limit.
   (5) In any committee meeting, the use of cameras, television, radio, or any form of telecommunication equipment is allowed, but the chair may designate the areas of the hearing room from which the equipment must be operated. Cell phone use is at the discretion of the chair.

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