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2013 Rules -- Senate

   Senate Rule S50-50. Precedence of motions. (1) When a question is under debate only the following privileged and subsidiary motions may be made:
   (a) to adjourn (nondebatable S50-60);
   (b) for a call of the Senate (nondebatable S50-60);
   (c) to recess (nondebatable S50-60);
   (d) question of privilege;
   (e) to lay on the table (nondebatable S50-60);
   (f) for the previous question (nondebatable S50-60);
   (g) to postpone to a certain day;
   (h) to refer or commit;
   (i) to amend; and
   (j) to postpone indefinitely.
   (2) The motions listed in subsection (1) have precedence in the order listed.
   (3) A question may be indefinitely postponed by a majority roll call of all Senators present and voting. When a bill or resolution is postponed indefinitely, it is finally rejected and may not be acted upon again except upon a motion of reconsideration as provided in S50-90.
   (4) A motion or proposition on a subject different from that under consideration may not be accepted unless a substitute motion is in order.

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