Montana Code Annotated 2013

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Part 7. Liability

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27-1-701. Liability for negligence as well as willful acts.
27-1-702. Comparative negligence -- extent to which contributory negligence bars recovery in action for damages.
27-1-703. Multiple defendants -- determination of liability.
27-1-704. Release -- covenant not to sue.
27-1-705. Several liability -- purpose -- pleading -- determination -- nonparties.
27-1-706. Effect of a release or covenant not to sue.
27-1-707. and reserved.
27-1-709. Property owner's immunity from damage caused by use of property unlawfully taken.
27-1-710. Civil liability for injuries involving alcohol consumption.
27-1-711. Liability of minor or person of unsound mind for own torts -- exemplary damages.
27-1-712. Liability for damages for deceit.
27-1-713. Duty to restore thing wrongfully acquired or retained.
27-1-714. Limits on liability for emergency care rendered at scene of accident or emergency.
27-1-715. Liability of owner of vicious dog.
27-1-716. Immunity of persons donating food for free distribution.
27-1-717. Issuing a bad check, draft, converted check, electronic funds transfer, or order or stopping payment -- civil liability -- statute of limitations.
27-1-718. Civil penalty for shoplifting.
27-1-719. Liability of seller of product for physical harm to user or consumer.
27-1-720. Liability -- defect in design of firearms or ammunition.
27-1-721. Immunity of certain firearms and hunter safety or hunter education instructors.
27-1-722. Civil damages immunity for injury caused by legal use of force.
27-1-723. reserved.
27-1-724. Limits on liability of livestock owner or property owner in accidents involving motor vehicles and livestock.
27-1-725. Purpose.
27-1-726. Definitions.
27-1-727. Equine activity liability limitations.
27-1-728. Mule and horseracing -- exception.
27-1-729. and reserved.
27-1-731. Individual immunity for and indemnification of ditch company employees -- definitions.
27-1-732. Immunity of nonprofit corporation officers, directors, and volunteers.
27-1-733. Liability of nonprofit organizations and their employees for injuries suffered in sponsored rodeo and similar events.
27-1-734. Limits on liability of health care provider in emergency situations.
27-1-735. Emergency communications systems -- lawful release of information.
27-1-736. Limits on liability of medical practitioner or dental hygienist who provides services without compensation.
27-1-737. Repealed.
27-1-738. Health care provider's responsibility for others.
27-1-739. Liability of health care provider for reduced chance of recovery caused by malpractice.
27-1-740. Ridesharing -- limits on employer liability.
27-1-741. Purpose.
27-1-742. Definitions.
27-1-743. Operator's responsibilities.
27-1-744. Passenger responsibilities and prohibitions.
27-1-745. Injury reports.
27-1-746. Duty of health care provider performing third-party medical examination.
27-1-747. Claims and damages based on birth of child prohibited.
27-1-748. through reserved.
27-1-751. Short title.
27-1-752. Definitions.
27-1-753. Limitation on liability in sport or recreational opportunity.
27-1-754. Recreational activity -- applicability exceptions.