Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     17-2-201. Contingent revolving accounts -- when established. (1) The department of administration may authorize the establishment and maintenance at the state agencies or in the departments, boards, or commissions of contingent revolving accounts, transferring in trust to the business offices of the institutions sums of money as may appear necessary to be used by the institutions for the payment of demands requiring immediate cash payment. Demands include the payment of minor invoices, invoices for which the discount period is too short to take advantage of the discount if payment is made by warrant, freight and express charges, travel advances, postage, publications requiring remittance to accompany the order, and the establishment of cash change funds, all under specific regulations to be established by the department of administration.
     (2) Each state agency granted a contingent revolving account shall report to the department of administration upon request all transactions involving the contingent revolving accounts, with proper vouchers for every payment. The department of administration may cancel the authorizations and recall the funds as it determines appropriate.

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