Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     85-2-105. Environmental quality council -- water policy duties. (1) The environmental quality council shall meet as often as necessary, including during the interim between sessions, to perform the duties specified within this section.
     (2) On a continuing basis, the environmental quality council may:
     (a) advise the legislature on the adequacy of the state's water policy and on important state, regional, national, and international developments that affect Montana's water resources;
     (b) oversee the policies and activities of the department, other state executive agencies, and other state institutions as those policies and activities affect the water resources of the state;
     (c) assist with interagency coordination related to Montana's water resources; and
     (d) communicate with the public on matters of water policy as well as the water resources of the state.
     (3) On a regular basis, the environmental quality council shall:
     (a) analyze and comment on the state water plan required by 85-1-203, when filed by the department;
     (b) analyze and comment on the report of the status of the state's renewable resource grant and loan program required by 85-1-621, when filed by the department;
     (c) analyze and comment on water-related research undertaken by any state agency, institution, college, or university;
     (d) analyze, verify, and comment on the adequacy of and information contained in the water information system maintained by the natural resource information system under 90-15-305; and
     (e) report to the legislature as provided in 5-11-210.
     (4) The legislative services division shall provide staff assistance to the environmental quality council to carry out its water policy duties.

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