Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     85-7-1902. Management of district by board. (1) The board of commissioners of every irrigation district established and organized under and by virtue of parts 1 and 15 of this chapter shall constitute the corporate authority of said district.
     (2) The board shall have the power and it shall be the duty of the members thereof to manage and conduct the business and affairs of the district; adopt a corporate seal therefor; make and execute all necessary contracts; and employ and appoint such agents, officers, and employees as may be required and prescribe their duties.
     (3) The board is hereby authorized and empowered to institute and maintain any and all actions and proceedings, suits at law or in equity, necessary or proper in order to fully carry out the provisions of this chapter, or to enforce, maintain, protect, or preserve any and all rights, privileges, and immunities created by this chapter or acquired in pursuance thereof. In all courts, suits, or proceedings, the board may sue, appear, and defend in person or by attorneys and in the name of such irrigation district.
     (4) The board may adopt rules and bylaws governing the calling and holding of meetings of the board; the manner of transacting business thereat; and the publishing or posting of the orders, resolutions, and proceedings of the board. It shall be the duty of said board to pass or adopt bylaws and rules for the apportionment and distribution of water to the lands of the district and for the protection and preservation of the works and other property of the district, and the board may therein require the prompt payment of all current and delinquent taxes and assessments and other financial obligations owing the district as a prerequisite to water service. The bylaws and rules shall be printed in convenient form for distribution in the district. All orders and resolutions shall be passed or adopted by a majority of the commissioners by a yea and nay vote, to be entered upon the records of the board.
     (5) Said board shall have power generally to do and perform all such other acts as shall be necessary or appropriate to fully carry out the purposes of this chapter.

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