Montana Code Annotated 2014

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     85-7-1908. Board powers over district property. (1) The board may take conveyances or other assurances for all property acquired by it under the provisions of this chapter, in the name of the district, to and for the uses and purposes in this chapter.
     (2) The legal title to all property acquired by or for any irrigation district or any subdistrict in the district under the provisions of this chapter shall immediately and by operation of law vest in that district, as set forth in this chapter. The board of commissioners may hold, use, maintain, acquire, manage, occupy, and possess that property, as provided in this chapter. Any property acquired by the district may be conveyed to the United States for the construction, operation, and maintenance of works by the United States for the benefit of the district or a subdistrict in the district under any contract that may be entered into with the United States pursuant to this chapter.

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